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juli tour2024FZW, Dortmund, Germany
12th September 2024
Juli - 20 Jahre “Es ist Juli” Live 2024

With their debut single ‘Perfekte Welle’ released in 2004, JULI entered the German singles charts and shortly after received their first gold record. An impressive debut success, which the band followed up with more than 1.5 million units sold of their gold and platinum certified albums - currently captivating almost a million monthly Spotify listeners.

Although nearly two decades have passed since the release of their first single, JULI’s songs can still be recognized instantly by the first notes played: The euphoric bitter-sweetness, familiar nostalgia-infused love, and inexhaustible energy remain, as singer Eva Briegel, guitarists Simon Triebel and Jonas Pfetzing, bassist Andreas Herde, and drummer Marcel Römer continue to captivate their audience. In 2023, the band released their fifth album to much love, great reviews, and coverage in the country's feuilleton. It had been nine years since the band released an album and went on tour. It was hard to predict what to expect, but the fans’ reaction was euphoric and the “JULI feeling” was set to sweep the country once again.

For 2024, the band has big plans: Eva Briegel will be sitting on the couch in the upcoming season of “Sing meinen Song”, the album ‘Der Sommer ist vorbei’ will be re-released as a deluxe edition, and the band will embark on a major “20 Years Es ist Juli” tour.

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00
Tickets: are available for 47.95 euros (plus charges pre-sale) via Eventim

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