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thevintagecaravan gateways
Artist: The Vintage Caravan
Title: Gateways
Genre: Classic Rock / Retro Rock
Release Date: 31st August 2018
Label: Nuclear Blast

Review Flash

THE VINTAGE CARAVAN is at it with the third output ‘Gateways’. Ok the record saw the light of day in 2018 but hey here I am back at reviewing them once again. The last time I had the pleasure to hear and review them was in 2015 with ‘Arrival’ and I must say I still dig them, the band really matured sound-wise and it’s a pleasure to watch them grow into the big boots they decided to follow with their musical style. I really have a hard time comparing them with another band right now. Even though the music recites THIN LIZZY and other Classic Rock outfits they really have their own thing going on. Óskar Logi really evolved into a great vocalist, his voice levitates over the proggy and slightly psychedelic sound while he accomplishes to steer the overall experience with a guitar that is restrained in one moment and dominant in the next. The rhythm section has done its homework and is excellently represented by bassist Alex Örn and drummer Stefán Ari.

Conclusion: It was a bliss listening to this fine piece of music after a hard day of work and dealing with people that were a pain in the ass, check it out and you will get what I mean.

Rating: 8 / 10

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