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blindguardian livebeyondthespheres
Artist: Blind Guardian
Title: Live Beyond The Spheres
Genre: Symphonic Metal / Power Metal
Release Date: 7th July 2017
Label: Nuclear Blast

Review Flash

During their European tour in 2015, BLIND GUARDIAN recorded 30 of their live shows in total and then spent hours and hours in the studio, to find the best recording of each song and make it available on a live album. The result is called ‘Live Beyond The Spheres’ and comes as an album than fills 3 CDs and you can enjoy over 2.5 hours full of live music. BLIND GUARDIAN are perfectionists and you can hear that during every single song on this album. The band always creates a phantastic live atmosphere for their fans and in return, the fans are always ready to join the chorus and contributing to the show. The only flaw the album comes with, is the fact, that you can hear, that it was recorded in various venues with different crowds, as the sound of the crowd at the end of one song is quite different from the one at the beginning of the next one, but this is kind of a luxury problem. Since not all of the recorded songs made it on the albums tracklist, you can be sure that some of the unreleased tracks, will be released in the future.

Conclusion: A must for Blind Guardian fan, for you get the unique chance, to get the amazing atmosphere of a BLIND GURADIN live show straight into your living room and a good chance for those who are waiting to attend their first ever BLIND GUARDIAN live gig.

Rating: 9 / 10

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