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mentalexile stalkerlove
Artist: Mental Exile
Title: Stalker Love
Genre: Synth Wave / Retro Wave
Release Date: 19th May 2023
Label: self-released

Review Flash

On 3rd March MENTAL EXILE released their latest single ‘Back to you’, delivering the perfect soundtrack for balmy summer evenings. Now the second single of this year ‘Stalker Love’ is around the corner, which will be available for download from 19th May. MENTAL EXILE is the Synth Wave solo project of FUTURE LIED TO US singer Damasius Venys, who may also sound familiar to some of you from MONDTRÄUME (2011 to 2021). The music is strongly influenced by Damasius’ obvious passion for the 80s as well as horror and science-fiction movies. The melancholic Dark Pop arrangements led by melodic vintage synth lines always give me a pleasantly nostalgic feeling. The incomparable, clear voice of Damasius keeps digging into the ear canals and working its way through all pores deep under the skin. 'Stalker Love' packs deep human feelings, like unfulfilled love, into a catchy Synth Wave melody. The wonderful and yearning voice of Damasius Venys puts the song to a deeper level and gives it a touch of melancholy. But why tell you all this, when you can make yourself a picture. Just check the teaser for ‘Stalker Lover’ on YouTube and the bands sites on Facebook and BandCamp.

Conclusion: ‘Stalker Love’ is a beautiful Synth Wave pearl with a catchy chorus, a touch of melancholy and the unique and haunting voice of Damasius Venys, just a song to melt away.

Rating: 10 / 10

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