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ektomorf blackflag
Artist: Ektomorf
Title: Black Flag
Genre: Groove Metal
Release Date: 31st August 2012
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

After the somewhat experimental, yet pleasant attempt of ‘The Acoustic’, Hungary’s EKTOMORF have decided do a complete 180 and go back to just making direct, aggressive Groove Metal. While some fans may appreciate the aggressive nature of the music, or the fact that it is another different approach from the Nirvana-esque ‘The Acoustic’, many might argue that ‘Black Flag’, as aggressive and heavy as it is, shows more generic flaws than its predecessor. True to Groove Metal formula, the tracks are mostly built on riffs with plenty of enjoyable rhythm. The title track and ‘Never Surrender’ feature mid paced, thumping chugging that are more than enough to get people on their feet during a show, but the lyrics tend to be a bit repetitive. Others like ‘Fuck Your God’ are faster and more in the vein of Thrash, but don’t have that subtle groove to them and hit like a brick wall; something fans who have only heard ‘The Acoustic’ will probably be flattened by because they haven’t experienced it yet.

From the vocal style which switches between bellows and some clean singing here and there, many will probably compare EKTOMORF to the likening of Max Cavalera projects like SOULFLY and SEPULTURA. On the downside, compared to these two efforts, EKTOMORF seems a bit dry in lacking all the tribal elements that made the former so special. While EKTOMORF has its moments and talent, it just is very hard to put them on the pedestal that high next to the comparisons. The message behind the music is effective enough, such as the direct hate towards child rapists like John Gardner on ‘Kill It’, but the music behind it tends to dull the message. Of course, despite a lack of solos in their music, the selection of riffs is excellent. ‘Sick Love’ definitely has some PANTERA influence whereas ‘Feel Like This’ cranks up the chorus for an aggressive assault while the verses are much softer- almost spoken word- to create an interesting contrast between the two. If EKTOMORF had more moments like these, then perhaps ‘Black Flag’ would stand out as a stronger effort, but at this point it’s going to be hard to choose it as the band’s defining moment in music.


01. War Is My Way - 5:11
02. Unscarred - 4:07
03. The Cross - 3:57
04. Cut It Out - 3:40
05. Black Flag - 4:04
06. Private Hell - 3:40
07. 12 Angels - 1:57
08. Enemy - 2:09
09. Fuck Your God - 2:49
10. Never Surrender - 2:56
11. Sick Love - 3:27
12. Feel Like This - 3:01
13. Kill It - 3:51


Zoltán Farkas- vocals, guitars
Zsabolcs Murvai- bass
Michael Rank- guitar
Robert Jaksa- drums


Cover Picture

ektomorf blackflag


Music: 5
Sound: 6
Total: 5.5 / 10

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