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ektomorf retribution
Artist: Ektomorf
Title: Retribution
Genre: Neo Thrash Metal
Release Date: 31st January 2014
Label: AFM Records

Review Flash

EKTOMORF from Hungary are back with their 9th album. Unfortunately in their last albums there is no evolution at all. Their sound is stuck on SEPULTURA's 'Roots' era and on SOULFLY. There are some nice tracks like ‘You can’t control me’', ‘Numb and sick’ with guest Cristian Machado from ILL NINO, ‘Save me’ and the acoustic ballad ‘Collapsed bridge’ but those are not enough to save an album which has fourteen songs. The production made by Tue Madsen is very good though and this gives a credit to the album.

Conclusion: If the band wants to go a step ahead they must stop copy Max Cavalera's music and try to find their own sound. I don't say that it is bad to been influenced by SEPULTURA and SOULFLY -most the bands are influenced from other bands- but they must stop copying the bands I mentioned.

Rating: 6 / 10

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