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Title: Redemption
Artist: Ektomorf
Genre: Hardcore / Thrash
Release Date: 17th December 2010
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

EKTOMORF have been around since the late nineties, and despite many fans and haters, continued to perform their stylized breed of thrash and hardcore metal. When one says hardcore they don’t mean by HATEBREED or THROWDOWN standards, and by thrash metal one doesn’t mean by SLAYER or TESTAMENT. Instead, EKTOMORF take both genres to a new level to create some very catchy, modern metal that makes use of elements from either genre to some extent. Their latest album, ‘Redemption,’ has gotten a bit cleaner in sound, even though it may still rely on some of the old formulas from the thick, chugging opus that was ‘What Doesn’t Kill Me…’. It’s still mostly hardcore, but the vocals take more of a thrash edge, and also inject the melodies with a bit of rhythmic bits that break of the monotony of the riffs.

The album opens with ‘Last Fight’, a pretty basic hardcore song, save for the sombre beginning. It’s not the best way to get introduced to EKTOMORF’s sound, but it doesn’t make the listeners go running in fear. The thick, sludgy sound is a testament to their old school sound, but the track may get a bit repetitive if its catchy drum beats and chugs don’t make the ears perk up. ‘I’m In Hate’ is a great mix of thrash and hardcore with more activity from the guitars than just simple chugs; it’s more melodically haunting. The vocals are still raw and powerful but tend to stay the same throughout. ‘Never Should’ is a great groove metal track that features some spoken-word verses among the brief chugging vocals before going into longer screams. It’s a fantastic head bang track and possibly will become a fan favourite as more and more hear the album due to its blend of hard rock and modern metal tastes, possibly along with the more acoustic rock based ‘Sea Of My Misery’. ‘The One’ features unique drums; they almost sound percussive like steel drums and some guest vocals from legendary DANKO JONES who also performs a hard rock style. The swearing and even rapping involved tends to give EKTOMORF a nu-metal outlet which may turn fans away, but it is only a glimpse of such a direction.

‘Cinagy’ is more hardcore thrash with buzzing interludes and wild solos along with the screaming vocals, but compared to the other dynamic tracks it seems a bit dry. ‘Stigmatized’ is just raw, groove thrash in the vein of PANTERA and features a great quiet moment where just the drums are heard. Finally, there’s ‘Anger’ which is a bit more of the same like the first track with repetitive lyrics, a chugging guitar format, and the roaring vocals. Honestly, they should have closed with ‘Stigmatized’. Overall, fans of EKTOMORF will enjoy this since they’ve stuck with them for so long and haven’t lost their groove. Newer fans may enjoy this still, but it may take some settling in to really grasp the music.


01. Last Fight - 4:17
02. Redemption - 2:51
03. I’m In Hate - 3:25
04. God Will Cut You Down - 3:05
05. Stay Away - 2:26
06. Never Should - 4:21
07. Sea Of My Misery - 2:13
08. The One (feat. Danko Jones) - 3:40
09. Revolution - 3:49
10. Cigany - 3:09
11. Stigmatized - 4:39
12. Anger - 3:28


Zoltan Farkas - Guitars, Vocals
Tamas Schrottner - Guitars
Szabolcs Murvai - Bass
Gurgely Tarin - Drums


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Music: 7
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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