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monoinc afterthewar album
Artist: Mono Inc.
Title: After the war
Genre: Alternative / Gothic / Rock
Release Date: 17th August 2012
Label: Rookies & Kings (SPV)

Album Review

Existing since 2000, the Hamburg based band MONO INC. released their sixth album ‘After the war’ over the last few days - pretty sedulous, if you ask me! But as if that wasn’t enough that in terms of figures they were releasing biennial, their last album ‘Viva Hades’ was released quite a year ago in 2011. Subsequent to that release, MONO INC. toured copious what led to a considerable chart-entry within the TOP 50. It’s no wonder that the songs of ‘After the war’ mostly came into being throughout the last tour.

However, what MONO INC. keeps in hand for their audience on ‘After the war’ is their typical sound of dark and tender vocals paired with almost an angelic female background. Being capable of playing the whole gamut of emotions within their compositions, MONO INC. create a distinguish atmosphere that first and foremost impresses the listener at a concert. Combining hard guitar riffs, a vivid drum-play and diversified synth-sounds result in a bunch of eleven songs and an overall playtime of almost 53 minutes. Their single ‘After the war’ (a GARY MOORE cover) already showed which path those guys would choose for their further releases. Although the homonymous album could sometimes show a little bit more variety due to melodic arrangements, the density and intimacy of the lyrics is quite impressive.

Martin Engler and his companions let their audience partake of really intense feelings and emotions. Whether it’s ‘Wave No Flag’ or ‘My Songs Wear Black’ e.g. - to share such feelings with other people really impresses me because of the courage that is needed to show oneself. Of course, those songs are my favourites on ‘After the war’ just like ‘Arabia’, a song that reminds me of good old SISTERS OF MERCY not least due to Katha Mia’s beautiful vocals that truly livens up OFRA HAZA. All in all, ‘After the war’ is more than a solid album, although a certain development within the melodic arrangements on further releases would be desirable - but that’s almost nitpicking! ;)  

Tour Dates

After The War Tour (Support: Unzucht)
02.10.2012 Kiel - Max
03.10.2012 Braunschweig - Meier Music Hall
04.10.2012 Bremen - Modernes
05.10.2012 Berlin - Huxley's neue Welt
06.10.2012 Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle
11.10.2012 Nürnberg - Hirsch
12.10.2012 A- Wien - Szene
13.10.2012 Dresden - Tante Ju
19.10.2012 Kaiserslautern - Kammgarn
20.10.2012 CH- Pratteln - Z7
21.10.2012 Frankfurt am Main - Batschkapp
22.11.2012 NL-Rotterdam - Baroeg
23.11.2012 GB-London - Underworld
24.11.2012 NL-Enschede - Atak

with MONO INC. - Megaherz - Lord Of The Lost - Unzucht – Roterfeld
presented by Extratours Konzertbüro, Zillo und Orkus
26.12.2012 LEIPZIG - Werk II
27.12.2012 MÜNCHEN - Backstage
28.12.2012 STUTTGART - LKA
29.12.2012 KÖLN - LMH
30.12.2012 HAMBURG - Docks


1. My Worst Enemy
2. No More Fear
3. After The War
4. Wave No Flag
5. Arabia
6. In The End
7. From The Ashes
8. Grown
9. My Songs Wear Black
10. Forever
11. The Long Way Home


Martin Engler - vocals
Manuel Antoni - bass, vocals
Carl Fornia - guitars, vocals
Katha Mia - drums, vocals

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monoinc afterthewar album


Music: 8
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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