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agonoize wahreliebe
Artist: Agonoize
Title: Wahre Liebe (Single)
Genre: Industrial / Aggrotech
Release Date: 25th May 2012
Label: Out of Line

Single Review

Three years have passed since AGONOIZE’s previous release, ‘Hexakosioihexekontahexa’, and they have come back with a new single, heading towards, one suspects, the release of a new album. The fans will find here what they always loved about the band; straightforward brutal beats, distortions, a peculiar sense of humour, and the jump-to-the-dance-floor mood the band was always keen on providing and in terms of quantity - in tons. But what renders this single really interesting is the battle, so to speak, between the original versions of both ‘Wahre Liebe’ and ‘Dafür’ with the remixes of these songs by the FUNKER VOGT and the AESTHETIC PERFECTION with the other ones to follow closely. 

AGONOIZE deliver some dark monoliths, carrying an enigmatic glimpse whilst the FUNKER VOGT delve more into to the Electronic aspect and the AESTHETIC PERFECTION into a simpler but effective Aggrotech. The winner more than likely is the Classic version of ‘Dafür’ which takes just a step away from the past of the band especially in its eerie beginning that sounds like as if it was taken right out of ‘Resident Evil’. In other words this is an extremely interesting CD all the more so since the band shows some trends of experimentation.


01. Dafür (Version)
02. Wahre Liebe
03. Dafür (Classic)
04. Wahre Liebe (Auto Auto AGoGo Remix)
05. Dafür (Remix by Gerrit Thomas of Funker Vogt)
06. Wahre Liebe (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)


Chris L – Vocals
Mike Johnson – Programming
Oliver Senger – Programming

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agonoize wahreliebe


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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