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CallejonGarage, Saarbrücken, Germany
29th December 2019
Callejon - “Hartgeld im Club” Pt. 2 - Support: Our Mirage, The Thrill

The current tour was called “Hartgeld im Club” which match the current album, and just as fittingly, only smaller clubs were on the list again. Because of a high demand, they added more dates to the tour and so at the end of the year, the second part took place. So also the Saarbrücken fans got a good pack of Metalcore before the New Year. All the fun was accompanied by the bands THE THRILL and OUR MIRAGE.

The Thrill

The band has also only been in existence for a little over a year, but the musicians are anything but newcomers. So Dummer Maik, guitarist Flo and bassist Ben played together on ONE BULLET LEFT. Phil (vocals) has sung with GORILLA TAXI and guitarist Buschy has already made the strings sound for CALLEJON.

DSC 7354

Music & Performance
The garage had already filled up quite well when THE THRILL entered the stage and did not torch for long. With singer Phil they had a frontman who transported the varied songs well with his variable and melodious voice. The catchy melodies were accompanied by driving rhythms, varied riffing and nice runs in the bass extended the sound spectrum. The audience got going well with this mixture of Rock, Metal and almost poppy elements, went along with the rhythms and obviously had fun.

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Our Mirage

The band OUR MIRAGE, founded in Marl in 2017, consists of singer Timo Bonner, guitarist Steffen Hirz, bassist and background singer Manuel Möbs and drummer Daniel Maus. Their first headliner tour started in March 2019 together with DIE HEART and THE DISASTER AREA, which went across Germany with five dates.

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Music & Performance
The music was melodic, but definitely harder than the first group. The singing could be described as fitting to this style of music, as it was more neutral and full of the necessary emotions. Accompanying this, there were also more guttural passages, which flowed into the music. Furthermore they could also show that they know how to deal with the audience. The latter danced and clapped enthusiastically. No wonder, because on stage the front man sang his heart out. The lyrics were mostly about depression, anxiety and bullying. Topics that can hit everybody. After the set, which went by in no time, the audience was already ready to party.

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CALLEJON is a German Metalcore band founded in Düsseldorf, Germany in 2002. The band writes and sings the majority of their lyrics in German. Singer Bastian “BastiBasti” Sobtzick creates all cover artwork of the band himself. He has also designed artwork for releases by other bands such as ‘Iconoclast’ by HEAVEN SHALL BURN, ‘Say Hello to Tragedy’ by CALIBAN and others.

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Music & Performance
After a short break for rebuilding, ‘Everybody’ from the BACKSTREET BOYS already sounded through the Garage. The audience seemed to celebrate this, because almost everybody sang or danced along. Then it got dark and the hosts went in big time with ‘Porn from Spain 3’ from the current album and the audience celebrated this! With ‘Veni Vidi Vici’, a somewhat older creation joined in. While the first crowd surfers rose and gave the security a lot to do, the colouring on stage changed from squeaky bunch to red and lead singer BastiBasti tuned in ‘Blitzkreuz’. Now there was no stopping for the fans who had matured with the band. The Garage turned into a witch’s cauldron, the audience hung on the band’s lips, hands, crowd surfers and beer blew up, every announcement, every moderation was honoured. With ‘Dunkelherz’ and ‘Wir sind Angst’ other classics had found their way into the set.

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The meanwhile indispensable anti-Nazi announcement was fittingly held in front of DIE ÄRZTE cover ‘Schrei nach Liebe’, so that the album ‘Man spricht Deutsch’ was also dignifiedly represented in this set. The first part of the ‘Porn from Spain’ trilogy and ‘Kind im Nebel’ ended the first act with a raging crowd. But the fans didn't let the band go and wanted more. The encore followed. Introduced by a medley of ‘Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf)’, ‘Willst du’ and ‘Hartgeld im Club’, more popular covers were elegantly combined with each other and a song of their own, pressing the audience with their brute force wonderfully in the face. With ‘Porn from Spain 2’ the popular trilogy was now complete and the Düsseldorfers said goodbye to the cheering crowd with a photo.

01. Porn from Spain 3
02. Veni Vidi Vici
03. Blitzkreuz
04. Was Du Liebe nennst (Bausa cover)
05. Hölle Stufe 4
06. Dunkelherz
07. Utopia
08. Wir sind Angst
09, Palmen aus Plastik (Bonez MC & RAF Camora cover)
10. Sommer, Liebe, Kokain
11. Snake Mountain
12. Unter Tage
13. Schrei nach Liebe (Die Ärzte cover)
14. Lass mich gehen!
15. Porn from Spain
16. Kind im Nebel
17. Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf) / Willst du / Hartgeld im Club
18. Porn from Spain 2

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All pictures by Elena Arens

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