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Rocco del SchlackoSauwasen, Püttlingen, Germany
11th to 13th August 2022
Rocco del Schlacko 2022 Day 2 with Callejon, Provinz, Audio88 & Yassin, Wizo, SDP and Biffy Clyro

After a long night of partying with FINCH, the second day of Rocco Del Schlacko began. The crowd started slowly to fill the Sauwasen and was ready for the festival day to begin because on Friday other great bands were stepping foot on the stages of Sauwasen and Ponyhof. Despite the hot weather conditions, the festival visitors were still in a good mood and celebrated each band appropriately. 

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The German Metal band around frontman Bastian Sobtzick (also known under his pseudonym BastiBasti) is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year and was at Rocco Del Schlacko again after eight years. The five-piece band got a certain publicity through the two cover albums ‘Man spricht Deutsch’ and ‘Hartgeld im Club’. Both albums consist of well-known German songs that the band covered in their style. Especially ‘Hartgeld im Club’ was much discussed, because the covered songs are originally popular rap songs. Among others, artists like ALLIGATOAH, CASPER or SIDO, as well as SXTN and K.I.Z. were covered on this long-player. They were also working on a new album. ‘Eternia’ is scheduled for release in October 2022 and promises great things.

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To reduce the waiting time for new music, CALLEJON are performing at Sauwasen on Friday. While artwork by BastiBasti decorated the stage, the band’s banner hung in the background. What was even more eye-catching: all band members were dressed in a uniform look. Each of the guys wore black clothes with a design of a human skeleton on the front. Right from the first song, the band got their fans singing and dancing along. There was moshing, pogoing, crowd-surfing and several circle pits opened up. So quite typical for the metal band and their music. With newer and older songs, there was something for every fan. Even romantics who are more into ballads were not disappointed with BastiBasti favourite song ‘Kind im Nebel’. Despite the blazing sun, which led to enormous heat in the Saarland, the fans were able to enjoy the music of the Germans and the band also seemed visibly taken with the audience.

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PROVINZ, a German Indie Pop band from Vogt, also performed at Rocco Del Schlacko this year. The rather young band from Ravensburg was voted “Best Newcomer” at the 1LIVE Krone in 2020 and “Best Band” the following year. Among other things, the band can also be heard on CASPER’s album ‘Alles war schön und nichts tat weh’, which was released in 2022. The band, consisting of three cousins and their friend, will perform at festivals for the first time this summer, but they don’t let this show at all. Furthermore, they have announced an album for September this year.

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Accordingly, there will also be a tour that will take the band through Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg. On Friday, however, they performed on the big stage at Rocco Del Schlacko for the first time. Shortly before 6 p.m. the first song of the band was performed and quickly many fans gathered in front of the stage. The songs were all sung along and there was a lot of dancing and moving. Even though the guys as a whole don’t have much festival experience yet, they were still able to impress the people in the crowd with their performance. All in all, it was a very pleasant concert with sympathetic band members who will continue to provide good music in the future.

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Audio88 & Yassin

The Hip-Hop duo consisting of AUDIO 88 and YASSIN inspire their fans with critical, cynical and sarcastic songs. Both as individual artists and as a duo, the two Berlin-born artists have been performing on German stages since 2009. A big tour is planned for spring 2023, which has already been postponed four times due to the pandemic. At least the fans were able to get a small foretaste of the tour at the beginning of 2022 with the new album ‘Back in the Game Vol.1’. On Friday, the two Berliners performed at the Rocco Del Schlacko’s Ponyhof.

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Shortly before 7 p.m., AUDIO 88 & YASSIN kicked off the concert with the QUEEN classic ‘Who wants to live forever’. Right after this legendary song, their DJ, then the two guys entered the stage. Equipped with red rain parkas, the two began to play their music directly in the blazing sun. As soon as they started, a circle pit formed. You could tell that both the hip-hop duo and the fans in the crowd were really into the concert. With little stage decoration, AUDIO 88 and YASSIN put more emphasis on performance, and you quickly notice how much they missed being on stage. Let’s just hope that the two rappers don’t get a break on their planned tour.

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The three-man Punk band from Baden-Württemberg has been existing since 1986 and had to go through several member changes already. Singer and guitarist Alex Kurth has been a part of the band as a founding member since the beginning. In their music, they repeatedly address important political topics, but especially anti-fascism, anti-sexism and anti-homophobia. After a four-year band break, the band reunited in 2009 and since then it is hard to imagine the German Punk scene without them. Right at the beginning, the three guys show their political position with the song ‘Ganz klar gegen Nazis’.

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In the background, a blue canvas with white comic figures and the band’s logo decorates the stage. As soon as the first song started, the audience danced and sang along. The securities standing in front of the stage were always busy bringing crowd-surfers from the audience safely back outside. While the boys played their music, pink smoke bombs were set off by the fans. For a little over an hour, the band delighted their fans with their music, this despite the high heat. Everyone who attended this concert surely felt the energy that was radiated by the three boys and how much they enjoyed it all.

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The duo, consisting of Vincent Stein and Dag-Alexis Koppling, is a band from Berlin-Spandau. SDP’s music cannot be assigned to any particular genre, but blends many different musical styles, including pop, rock and hip-hop. This musical diversity is considered to be the band’s success factor. It’s not the first time SDP have performed at Rocco del Schlacko, and hopefully it won’t be the last. This year they will be headlining the Sauwasen stage shortly after 9 pm. A black banner with the text “Die unbekannteste bekannte Band der Welt” covered the stage before the guys’ performance. While a female voice announced the band’s appearance, the fans in the audience were already waiting impatiently for the concert to begin. When the curtain finally fell, they directly introduced themselves with a song.

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SDP didn’t perform alone though, there was a whole band in the back of the stage to provide musical accompaniment for the duo. Energetic and charming, Vincent and Dag bounced all over the stage. They didn’t stop at fan contact either: There was a small platform in front of the first row, which allowed the boys to be very close to the fans. The two also took instruments in their own hands, so guitars and percussion instruments were played by them. Although the music of the two is rather loud and fast, they did not stop at ballads. With ‘Unikat’, a rather quiet song was performed, with people singing along loudly. Also, a big hit of the band DIE ÄRZTE, namely ‘Schrei nach Liebe’ was played. All in all, it was a very varied concert where all fans could enjoy themselves.

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Biffy Clyro

The three-member band from Scotland, BIFFY CLYRO, was headlining this year’s Rocco Del Schlacko on Friday. Between alternative, progressive and experimental Rock, there are also other music styles, such as Pop Rock, Post-Hardcore or Post-Grunge. With their diverse music genres, the band has been performing on many different stages around the world since 1995 and is now thrilling the Saarland with their music. With a somewhat different sounding Universal Studio intro, the band’s performance started at 11 pm. Right from the first song, the fans were beside themselves and celebrated the music.

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In between, there was even a greeting in German from the singer Simon Neil. Almost everyone in the crowd sang along loudly to the band’s lyrics and danced along. Every now and then you could even see other artists who had performed at Rocco Del Schlacko that day in the crowd. This clearly shows how much people were looking forward to the band’s performance. As you would expect from a rock band, there was pogoing and crowd-surfing. All in all, it was a very interesting and, above all, high-quality concert, which gives us hope for more performances by the band in Germany.

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The second day also brought the visitors dancing at hot 31 degrees. On Saturday, the headliners Kummer and Casper will perform, which will certainly give the festival a well-deserved finale.

All Pictures by Elena Arens

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