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Globen, Stockholm, Sweden.
31st January 2010
Depeche Mode & Nitzer Ebb

Swedish winter can be a bit overwhelming but it was quite some time since we got this much snow and this cold weather with temperatures -15 to -20 degrees. In this case I believe the temperature landed around -15 and then there is a limit of how long you can manage to stand and wait outside of a venue no matter what band is playing.

When we got to the venue Globen we were not that early that I would have wished and I thought that there would be a long line of waiting people but when we got there we found only a short line and at first that had me thinking that we were outside the wrong entrance, but then more and more people came. The low temperature made a lot of people hesitate and decide against waiting outside the venue and this made it easier to get inside, dump our coats in the wardrobe and go down to the area in front of the stage. We were very satisfied with our places right in front of the stage on the front row. The pre act was NITZER EBB but since I have not listened to them or seen them before I don’t feel fit to review their performance, the bad light during their show also made it pretty much impossible to take any good pictures of the band.

Depeche Mode

DEPECHE MODE is David Gahan, Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher and when the band is out on tour they bring the touring musicians Peter Gordeno (keyboards and backing vocals) and Christian Eigner (drums and keyboards). DEPECHE MODE was formed in 1980 and through the years they have released several great records, their latest is ‘Sounds of the Universe’ and they are currently out on their Tour of the Universe.

Music and Performance
For me, a DEPECHE MODE concert always is something special because I think that this band is good on record and great live - a lot of that comes from the way the singer Dave Gahan dances and bounces around on stage as well as this band being a strong and impressive live act. When the set list is working out there is nothing stopping this band, but the one chosen for this evening left at least me wishing for some other / older songs. DEPECHE MODE started with ‘In Chains’, ‘Wrong’ and ‘Hole to Feed’ from the latest album but it was not until ‘A Question Of Time’ came along that the crowd really was into the music and got into a bouncy mood. I did not expect to hear ‘Precious’ but love the way Dave sang it beautifully and clean.

I had a moment to wonder what would come next when Dave left Martin Gore alone on stage to do his thing. This time we got to hear - surprisingly a strong and magnificent ‘Insight’ followed by an impressive ‘Home’; Martin sang both songs beautifully accompanied only by Peter Gordeno on keyboards. The audience really loved this part of the set and would not stop cheer for Martin even when Dave came back on stage, Dave had to announce Martin and let the audience cheer some more for him before the set could continue. ‘Miles Away / The Truth Is’ is one of my favourites on their latest album and I really liked hearing this one live for the first time. ‘Dressed in Black’ was another pleasant surprise, this was the first time that I heard this one live and it was a pure pleasure.

When the intro to ‘Stripped’ came I just closed my eyes and drank in those beautiful synth sounds - that song is so very beautiful. The night and the set ended with ‘Personal Jesus’ and I love this song live because of all the energy it gives and Dave where all over the place during this song.

01. In Chains
02. Wrong
03. Hole to Feed
04. Walking in My Shoes
05. It's No Good
06. A Question of Time
07. Precious
08. World in My Eyes
09. Insight
10. Home
11. Miles Away / The Truth Is
12. Policy of Truth
13. In Your Room 
14. I Feel You
15. Enjoy the Silence
16. Never Let Me Down Again
17. Dressed In Black
18. Stripped
19. Behind the Wheel
20. Personal Jesus

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light; 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

All pictures by Martina Törnemyr

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