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motor manmademachine
Artist: Motor
Title: Man Made Machine EP
Genre: Techno / Electronica
Release Date: 23rd December 2011
Label: CLR X

Single Review

One of the most highly acclaimed Techno bands, MOTOR, have returned with a new Single that moves towards DEPECHE MODE direction. That is hardly surprising considering the fact that not only they were the opening act for DM tour but also that they have Martin L. Gore on the vocals. To start with the album version of the song, what you have is a song almost indistinguishable from the general recording history of DM. Minimal synths and upbeat tempos make Gore’s vocals abilities feel like at home as the song was apparently written for his voice. As for the extended version it extends (what else?) predictably the synth solo sessions and the Radio version pretty much cuts them off. The only other version of ‘Man Made Machine’ that is worthy a reference is Chris Liebing’s Remix as it moves in a darker and slower tempo of techno, and stresses Gore’s vocals into more unfamiliar areas out of which he comes out rather victorious. The whole CD has a good song which is milked out to its limits. It would have been better if there was only the album version and Liebing’s remix.


01. Man Made Machine (Radio Version)
02. Man Made Machine (Radio Slave Remix)
03. Man Made Machine (Black Asteroid Remix)
04. Man Made Machine (Chris Liebing Remix)
05. Man Made Machine (Extended Version)
05. Man Made Machine (Album Version)


Bryan Black
Oly Grasset

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motor manmademachine


Music: 7
Sound: 9
Total: 8 / 10

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