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Artist: Coppelius
Title: Zinnober
Genre: Victorian Metal / Chamber Core
Release Date: 29th October 2010
Label: F.A.M.E. Recordings

Album Review

My first introduction to COPPELIUS started with the band’s newest release ‘Zinnober’ which produces an ambiguous impression actually or it’s just a distinctive feature of the Victorian style the musicians try to spread describing it as “Chamber Core”. So the album begins with a quirky short intro that entirely consists of almost separate sounds which smoothly flow into the next track and things are getting clearer: each song turns to be not just a musical piece but somewhat theatrical performance amplified with appropriate elements of instrumental and vocal expressiveness. On the other hand sometimes it’s hard to catch the melody itself and it seems that the rhythm is the only thread binding other components of a song together. However in general this interlacement sounds rather original, cheerful and light. As the album proceeds, the tunes become more distinct and stronger or maybe I’m just getting used to such kind music.

Of course, the lyrics mostly in German also make the contribution to the creation of the peculiar atmosphere that appears imperceptibly out of the constant stream of the compositions. Well, the material of the album is picturesque enough to impress listeners and to spur their imagination so it’s really hard to mark out any certain tracks yet there are some that stuck in my memory. ‘Stetig Fromm’ and ‘Adé Mein Lieb’ are the most melancholic and beautiful songs comparing to the rest of them while ‘Genghis Khan’ attracted my attention simply being instrumental. Thus ‘Zinnober’ is good and expressive in its own way but you may need patience to listen to it without a pause. But I guess devoted fans of the band will be able to do it and even more than once.


01. Intro – 0:33
02. Diener 5er Herren – 3:23
03. Der Handschuh – 3:48
04. I Told You so – 4:27
05. Risiko – 3:18
6. Gumbagubanga – 3:17
07. Damen – 3:22
08. Der Feuerwehrmann – 4:34
09. Nachtwache – 3:17
10. Stetig Fromm – 3:46
11. Klein Zaches – 4:24
12. Ein Automat – 3:54
13. Vergessen – 1:05
14. Genghis Khan – 3:05
15. Coppelius Hilft! – 3:42
16. Ade Mein Lieb – 4:05


Max Coppella – Vocals, Clarinet
Nobusama – Drums
Graf Lindorf – Vocals, Cello
Comte Caspar – Clarinet, Vocals
Sissy Voss – Double Bass
Bastille – Vocals, Drums

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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