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coppelius extrablatt
Artist: Coppelius
Title: Extrablatt
Genre: Alternative / Metal / Rock / Crossover
Release Date: 15th February 2013
Label: F.A.M.E.

Album Review

Did you ever hear of a bunch of gentlemen who released four albums within the last 200 years? Well, get prepared for COPPELIUS and their newest work ‘Extrablatt’… Of course, it sounds a bit weird, when some guys claim to be a relic of the 19th century. But it´s a restrained hint, of what COPPELIUS´ music sounds like… and somehow is it now anyway. Bustling cello parts, flutteringly clarinet soli and lunatic vocals are the first attributes to describe, what COPPELIUS is about to offer to the audience. While listening to ‘Extrablatt’ one gets the impression what those guys are really capable of… in particular the vocals of several voices while “maltreating” their instruments in an ingenious way is almost breath-taking and outstanding.

Therefore it´s a pity, that COPPELIUS´ work ‘Extrablatt’ isn´t really consistent. Especially the lyrics are the crux of the matter, because some of them could be a little more challenging and not as that predictable. Some of those musical clichés are antiquated for instance the usage of a musical box, but that´s kind of quibbling. All in all, ‘Extrablatt’ is a very nice release, if you get the wit of COPPELIUS and if you´re quite interested in peculiar ways of playing Alternative or Metal - those guys are pretty unique. But most of all, it´s the live performance of COPPELIUS that completes the adventure of coming to know about 5 dandies within their timeline. You definitely have to see this!


01. Spieldose
02. Welt im Wahn
03. Reichtum
04. Bitten Danken Petitieren
05. Locked Out
06. Butterblume
07. Keine Kamera
08. I'd Change Everything
09. Glanz und Eleganz
10. Glaubtet Ihr?
11. Mitten ins Herz
12. Running Free (Iron Maiden-Cover)
13. Geschwind
14. Maria (Subway to Sally-Cover)


Bastille - vocals
Max Coppella - vocals, clarinet
Le Comte Caspar - vocals, clarinet
Nobusama - drums
Graf Lindorf - vocals, cello
Sissy Voss - contrabass

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coppelius extrablatt


Music: 8
Sound: 10
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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