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coppelius07Matrix, Bochum, Germany
27th January 2012
Coppelius, Punch ‘n’ Judy

COPPELIUS concerts are always something special. And since this is the case, people were queuing up really early to enter the concert hall. The tube was filled very well with people waiting for our dear gentlemen to enter the stage. But before, PUNCH ‘N’ JUDY, who were voted as support act, were here to warm up the audience.

Punch ‘n’ Judy

The first album of PUNCH ‘N’ JUDY, ‘spring!time’, was released in 2005. You might translate its title as “jump time” and this is exactly what you’ll get on the band’s live shows, time for a lot of jumping. Second album ‘punch on!‘ was released in 2007. Its title became the battle call on the bands concerts. Following those two albums was a live album, simply titled ‘Live’. PUNCH ‘N’ JUDY is Sascha (vocals), Ute (accordion & backing vocals), Peter (guitar & backing vocals), Stefan (bass & backing vocals) and Vloh (drums & backing vocals). / /


Music & Performance
With their Crossoverfolk - mixing various influences such as Rock, Metal, Medieval and Folk - the five artists from the Ruhr area make any concert a unforgettable experience. It’s a perfect mix for jumping people. From the very first song, ‘Puppet’, the band showed a lot of joy in playing. And also the audience had a lot of fun too, jumping and screaming from the very beginning when the band really lived the songs, be it with a pirate dress or vampire outfit. “Shit, this is cool”, said singer Sascha when receiving so much positive response. The songs really animated to take part in the show by clapping, singing and screaming. Towards the end, the band thanked the audience for the good mood, but also the crew of technical staff and merch stand. With ‘Doswidanje’ (Russian for Goodbye), the band chose the perfect song to bid farewell to anyone. Good start into the evening!


01. Puppet
02. Witch
03. Grace
04. Sancho
05. Flibby
06. Cravin'pain
07. Koboldkönig
08. Doswidanje

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 8 / 10



Nothing particular is known of this mysterious band from Berlin. If you take a look on their homepage you can find a “concertography” dating back until the early 19th century but the first known appearance of COPPELIUS was the farewell tour of THE INCHTABOKTABLES where they had the support slot. They also performed as support for MILA MAR, MUTABOR, FIDDLER’S GREEN and others in 2003 & 2004. A demo EP called ‘To my Creator’ has been released which also includes the first video for the song ‘Get used to it’. In April 2007 a live DVD was recorded in Berlin followed by the first time appearance at the Wave Gotik Treffen in the same year. In summer 2007, COPPELIUS signed a record deal with Fame Recordings and the debut album ‘Time-Zeit’ was released in September 2007. With ‘Tumult’, the fine gentlemen released the second album in 2009 followed by ‘Zinnober’ in 2010. COPPELIUS is Max Copella (vocals, clarinet), Nobusama (drums), Graf Lindorf (vocals, cello), Comte Caspar (vocals, clarinet), Sissy Voss (contrabass) and Bastille (vocals, servant). / /


Music & Performance
Soon it was time for the gentlemen, dressed in garments from the end of the 19th century and equipped with classical instruments such as cello, piano, contrabass and kettledrum, playing co-called chamber-core. Like used to, butler Bastille was the first one entering the stage, cleaning up the equipment and finding, all of a sudden, some drum sticks in his pockets. What to do with them? Well, just sit down behind the drum set and take over Nobussama’s place, playing the drums during first song ‘Running Free’ whereas all that was left for Nobusama was doing some backing vocals and holding a plate with “Applause” being written on it. But there was no need to request any applause, since people were with the band from the first sounds appearing. Once more, the band was carrying you away into another world with its excellent role play.


Not only the songs itself were an important element of the show. There was a lot of interaction with the audience. For instance you had a plate used for different messages being written on it during the show… not only the already mentioned “applause”, but also “Ruhe bitte” (silence please), “Intermezzo” where the audience had some extra time for applauding, or “solo” meaning a drum solo being presented in the show. Furthermore, Bastille was serving champagne to the audience or all of a sudden jumped into the audience to dance with the guests. For ‘Gumbagubanga’, they divided the audience into four parts, each of them had to scream a “word” being written on the plate: “Gum”, “Ba”, “Guban”, “Ga”. You know what word is the result… ;) The fantastic show was rewarded not only with applause, but also with several comments, such as “You are great”, being commented more or less with the words “You know, we cannot dead with compliments, my dear gentlemen”.


Another nice interaction was when a candle was enlightened on stage and finding its way through the audience back onto stage again during the song ‘1916’. There was also a present for COPPELIUS, underpants with frills, very nice! Towards the end, the audience was promised that ‘Coppelius hilft!’ (Coppelius helps). Like always, there were so many impressions during this concert. When anyone was asked to sit down, they did, calming a little down, before continuing the excessive celebration. For ‘Time-Zeit’, drummer Nobusama had his moment with the already mentioned solo and finally, the show was ended with a single triangle sound by Bastille. When COPPELIUS finally bowed in front of the audience and left the stage, loud “Da Capo!” screams called them back for a little addition. After such a fantastic concert it was hard to come back to reality again. I guess many people just wanted to stay in the 19th century to spend some more time with COPPELIUS. Because you know… COPPELIUS helps…


01. Intro
02. Running Free
03. Der Advokat
04. Risiko
05. Morgenstimmung
06. Escapade II
07. Urinstinkt
08. Gumbagubanga
09. Lilienthal
10. Klein Zaches
11. 1916
12. Diener 5er Herren
13. Rightful King
14. Operation
15. Intermezzo (Charlotte the Harlot)
16. To My Creator
17. Damen
18. Coppelius hilft
19. Ma Rue A Moi
20. Time-Zeit
21. Der Handschuh

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 9 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / / /

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