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coppelius05Knust, Hamburg, Germany
6th October 2016
Coppelius & Christian von Aster

It was the last time. The last time of enjoying such a terrific German band named COPPELIUS. It was evening and because of the beginning autumn, cold and dark outside. People sneaked around corners with the same target: Knust, Hamburg! They didn't want to miss that great pleasure, COPPELIUS combined with Christian von Aster as support. Many people wore really fitting clothes for this event: something in the direction of steam-punk and - of course - top hats and frock coats!

Christian von Aster

Christian von Aster supported COPPELIUS on their last way, the "Bühnenabstinenzankündigungskonzertreise". He is a German writer and he accepted the challenge to introduce COPPELIUS. He narrated the really fascinating story of COPPELIUS' formation. During this awesome reconstruction of formation, Christian von Aster told some little stories about cute and tiny, maybe just creepy animals like the "Mottenolm" and "Kerlhuhn" (according to some gender stuff, yes). I think he was the perfect support for COPPELIUS because of his very clear voice and sophisticated verse.

Music (lecture): 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10



After the introduction of Christian von Aster, COPPELIUS entered the stage! People applauded and were very excited for what was coming now. Their last album is ‘Hertzmachine’ and was released in 2015. Coppelius were founded in 1997 and play "chamber-core". In their opinion, they're playing since 1803 and their outfits underline this statement in a really amazing way. One special thing: They play on mysterious instruments like clarinet, upright bass, drums and cello and go beyond what is known in the music genres rock and metal. Their music is influenced by E.T.A. Hoffmann and lyrics are about experiences according to the modern world, being a human in this modern world and - of course - time in different perspectives. /


Music & Performance
Bastille (vocals), Comte Caspar (clarinet, vocals), Nobusama (drums), Max Coppella (clarinet, vocals), Sissy Voss (contrabass) and Graf Lindorf (cello, vocals) performed on stage and started with an intro. After this, Bastille got a little rage attack - adapted to their tour motto: farewell and parting this crazy world with a last good sound. He seemed to be done with his job as butler, he looked stressed and bitched about his band colleagues and the sound technique. This wasn't unexpected after nearly 19 years of being the butler of five gentlemen.


Songs like ‘Der Advokat’, ‘Schöne Augen’ and ‘Rather be dead’ followed and tried to excite the audience of Hamburg which is sometimes really challenging! Some people head-banged and swayed a bit. After that Bastille gave some sparkling wine for people in the first row. ‘Mitten ins Herz’ followed and Comte Caspar and Bastille entered the audience during the song ‘Phantom of the Opera’ to terrifically connect both, audience and artists. ‘Butterblume’ was the next song, followed by ‘Moor’, ‘Locked out’, ‘1916’ and ‘Bitten, Danken, Petitieren’. After that Coppelius nominated  five people of the audience to support themselves on stage with a head-bang-action during the following song ‘Escapade II’.


‘To my creator’, an older song of the EP ‘To my Creator’, followed and was very attractive for fans who support COPPELIUS since the first years of existence. Afterwards, COPPELIUS announced a fund-raising but they said, that they didn't even know the purpose of this fund-raising. They promised it will be for a good purpose. After ‘Reichtum’ they asked if someone has the plan to marry - an introduction for the song ‘Sternenstaub’.


What was very concise: Bastille didn't show much of the known ad for the band's performance typically signs ‘Be calm’ or ‘Applause’. Another sign of farewell? The concert drew to a close, songs like ‘Viel zu viel’, ‘Die Glocke’ and ‘Risiko’ were played and COPPELIUS left the stage. A good band returns when its fans yell for them with ‘Da Capo!’ and they returned to stage for two more songs: ‘Ein tragisches Ende eines Luftpiraten’ and ‘Ade mein Lieb’. Coppelius instructed the audience to kneel down for this song - a last time. The audience followed this instruction and enjoyed this last, calm song about farewell and passion. Like the farewell to COPPELIUS who really often inspired audiences with their music and performance.


To conclude this concert: it was very nice in general, the setlist was relatively balanced (some older songs instead of more new songs were missed). It's a pity that the audience of Hamburg was a bit introvert on this last evening with COPPELIUS on their farewell tour. COPPELIUS did a good job and hopefully will return to stage after an announced pause of stage performance. Last but not least: Coppelius helps!

01. Intro
02. Habgier
03. Der Advokat
04. Schöne Augen
05. Rather be dead
06. Mitten ins Herz
07. Phantom of the Opera
08. Butterblume
09. Moor
10. Locked out
11. 1916
12. Bitten, Danken, Petitieren
13. Escapade II
14. To My Creator
15. Reichtum
16. Sternenstaub
17. Die Glocke
18. Viel zu viel
19. (Solo Sissy Voss)
20. Risiko
21. Ein tragisches Ende eines Luftpiraten
22. Ade mein Lieb

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 7
Light: 8
Total: 8.3 / 10


All Pictures by Jan Termath (

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