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incubus21Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany
19th November 2011
Incubus, fiN

This was the third concert in a row for me and I was wondering if INCUBUS would manage to leave a bigger impression with me than the last band did. We would see! First we were getting into the arena and waited for the support FIN to start their show.


FIN from England are billed as an insider’s tip. The schoolmates turned to alternative rock in November 2008 and recorded their first album in a factory. The album’s release process might be a bit unorthodox but surely has something refreshing to it. It’s coming out in a series of vinyl singles the fans can collect at shows that eventually make up the complete album of 12 tracks, additionally receiving a download code to access digital versions of it all plus additional swag. FIN is Luke Joyce (vocals / guitar), Jonny Garner (guitar), Kerry Lambert (bass) and Simon Harding (drums). /


Music & Performance
FIN were entering the arena sharp at the desired time with spherical, mostly instrumental piece of rock music. That first song already revealed a passionate style of performing and once the second song h it the spot you could add a very clean and soulful vocal performance to the list of pros. The con was a largely still audience. At least I couldn’t see many people moving from my position and that was a good one. But the people expressed their appreciation in loud applause, suggesting the band hit with the people after all. The band’s style was swinging between almost ambient parts and heavy rock eruption with the vocals of Luke Joyce always being the pivotal element. The groovy ‘Life Is Wasted On The Living’ closed their little set. A promising new act!

Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 7 / 10




INCUBUS was formed in 1991 by singer Brandon Boyd, lead guitarist Mike Einziger, and drummer Jose Pasillas in Calabasas, California (USA). The band’s first album ‘Fungus Amongus’ was characterized by a mix of alternative rock songs (released in 1995). Over the years, INCUBUS became famous as a cross-over band with many different styles but also the typical INCUBUS sound that binds everything together. Several of their songs made it into the billboard charts. After their sixth studio album ‘Light grenades’, INCUBUS band members took a break from touring to focus on school, family and other activities. Amongst others, front man Boyd recorded a solo album entitled ‘The Wild Trapeze’ (release in 2010). Also, a greatest hits album was released in 2009. The latest album ‚If Not Now, When?‘ came out earlier this year. INCUBUS is Brandon Boyd (vocals, guitar, percussions), Mike Einziger (guitar, vocals), Jose Pasillas (drums, percussions), Chris Kilmore (Dj, keyboard) and Ben Kenney (E-bass, vocals). / /


Music & Performance
Up until the point INCUBUS came on stage, you were still able seeing enough sitting. Well, since everyone felt the need to stand-up right now I followed to get my job done properly. For INCUBUS, the large projection wall got activated and streamed at least 4k video while ‘Megalomaniac’ rocked the masses. Following that burst was ‘Pardon Me’ which literally explodes in the middle after contemplative moments and high-speed vocal delivery. ‘Adolescents’ was keeping it rather calm to cool off the senses. First real highlight was the performance of the new album’s title track ‘If Not Now When?’. If there was anyone questioning Brendan Boyd’s vocal qualities up until now they were silenced the very moment he raised his voice to perform the pre-chorus. Absolutely incredible range! Since that was an incredibly slow piece ‘A Crow Left Of The Murder’ and ‘Anna Molly’ pushed up the adrenaline levels again and especially in the back where there was some more free space you saw fans dancing around extensively.


They wouldn’t get a big chance to do that on ‘In The Company Of Wolves’ since it’s favouring an almost gospel-like atmosphere over too much power. The next two songs would be performed acoustically and especially ‘Love Hurts’ became THE crowd pleaser so far with the audience singing along loudly. ‘Are You In?’ brought back the groove section and a foray into the blues with ‘Riders On The Storm’ as a little, and very positive, surprise. The show had about everything you could ask for actually: A band in top shape and willing to show that, a responsive audience and a good selection of songs. I was still under the impression of the EVANESCENCE show the day before and even though some might think of that comparison as blasphemy but they delivered the better show for me. Still INCUBUS laid down a top show which must be rated highly. Especially Boyd’s vocal range surprised me, really.


01. Megalomaniac
02. Pardon Me
03. Adolescents
04. Promises, Promises
05. If Not Now, When?
06. A Crow Left of the Murder
07. Anna Molly
08. Nowhere Fast
09. Vitamin
10. In the Company of Wolves
11. Defiance (acoustic)
12. Love Hurts(acoustic)
13. Are You In?
14. A Kiss to Send Us Off
15. Echo
16. Switchblade
17. Nice to Know You
18. Drive
19. Wish You Were Here
20. A Certain Shade of Green
21. Tomorrow's Food

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8 / 10



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