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heavenshallburn veto
Artist: Heaven Shall Burn
Title: VETO
Genre: Metal
Release Date: 19th April 2013
Label: Century Media Records

Album Review

HEAVEN SHALL BURN are a German Metal/ Metalcore band, formed in 1996. In their music, they unite elements of Hardcore, Death Metal and Melodic Metal. So far, they have released eight full-length record. The most recent output, ‘VETO’, follows the Iconoclast-triptych and opens a new musical chapter. The opener, ‘Godiva’ (Lady Godiva is shown in the album cover) is a melodic and heavy track, whereas ‘Land Of The Upright Ones’ is faster and more aggressive. The lyrics of HEAVEN SHALL BURN deal with criticism of society and religion (as in ‘You Will Be Godless’) and are mostly in English, but in the case of ‘Die Stürme rufen dich’ in German. Style-wise, heavy and crushing riffs exist alongside catchy melodies and underlining drums. Every now and then, electronic samples are inserted and breakdowns fit the hoarse vocals.

Yet, the song structures and the track list of ‘VETO’ include a lot of variety - no song sounds like another and the band shows a considerable range from melodic to epic (like in ‘Hunters Will Be Hunted’, the longest track of the album) to very aggressive and brutal (‘You Will Be Godless’) or influenced by slow, Old School Death Metal (‘Like God Among Mortals’). With ‘Valhalla’, the obligatory cover can be found – the song constitutes a nice and interesting adaption of BLIND GUARDIAN’s song and even includes their singer Hansi Kürsch in some parts. ‘VETO’ ends with ‘Beyond Redemption’, a mostly instrumental that is only occasionally interrupted by sung elements or faster sections. With this relatively soft song, they show yet another facet on their musical spectrum. In general, HEAVEN SHALL BURN created a manifold and interesting album that further refines their very own style and is definitely a must-buy for every admirer of modern Metal.


01. Godiva
02. Land Of The Upright Ones
03. Die Stürme rufen dich
04. Fallen
05. Hunters Will Be Hunted
06. You Will Be Godless
07. Valhalla
08. Antagonized
09. Like Gods Among Mortals
10. 53 Nations
11. Beyond Redemption


Marcus Bischoff – Vocals
Maik Weichert – Guitar
Alexander Dietz – Guitar
Eric Bischoff – Bass
Matthias Voigt – Drums

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heavenshallburn veto


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: various editions incl. special limited Box set
Total: 9 / 10

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