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gindevo errata
Artist: Gin Devo
Title: Errata
Genre: EBM / Electro / Industrial
Release Date: 25th May 2012
Label: EK Product

Album Review

Gin Devo is a performing artist, musician, modular synthesist and singer/ songwriter of the Belgian old-school electronic cult band VOMITO NEGRO. Inspired by CABARET VOLTAIRE and KRAFTWERK, Gin started to experiment in the early 80’s with tape loops, drum boxes, mono synthesizers and effect driven vocals to create his own electronic music. In the early 90’s Gin graduated at the royal art academy in Antwerp and was student at the Royal conservatory of experimental electronic music. After the newly released album ‘Surface’ I almost expected a new ambient conception from Gino Devo. But this new album ‘Errata’ took me by surprise and I could bet my money I’ll not be the only one. This CD has nothing on common with the old-ambient re-issue ‘Surface’. On this album you could descend on unusual, almost minimalistic soundscapes. All titles where founded on an irresistible and impressive EBM bass lines. Another remarkable point on this album is that the building of the electronic structures audible in the tracklist was fully produced without the use of software. So every sound and detail it therefore originated from physical equipment.

The opening track ‘War of the Machines’ is a mechanically dance with mid-tempo beats only dominated by the vocals of Gin. And also the hole work is fairly repetitive but the sound however is an almost magical revelation in today’s overloaded time and you never get enough of it. Some parts, especially with their dark atmosphere and icy vibes remind me of VOMITO NEGRO, but you realize very clearly the differences if you listen to this album several times. As I already mentioned this album is a perfect example of EBM minimalism and this is particularly evident in the track ‘Good Night Mr President’. An almost ghostlike, whispering voice from Gin Devo supported by icy bleeps and an constant bass-line totally matching with the already existing dark atmosphere. Not all tracks where accompanied by the voice of Gin Devo and there are also some occasional instrumental parts but even these are absolutely remarkable.

So what could I say, everyone who has enough from crowded, mind overflowing tracks and who wants some minimalistic EBM is well advised with the new album ‘Errata’ from Gin Devo.


01. War of the Machines
02. Out of Control
03. Salted Flesh
04. Good night mr President
05. Deep State
06. Twisted Heads
07. Scope of Desire
08. Mind Control
09. Errata


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gindevo errata


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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