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Artist: Vomito Negro
Title: Slave Nation
Genre: Dark Electro / EBM
Date: 21st January 2011
Label: Out of Line

Album Review

VOMITO NEGRO dates back to the 80's and the first wave of dark electro / EBM. After last year's successful comeback album ‘Skull&Bones’, the Belgian act is back with a CD-EP titled 'Slave Nation'. The EP begins with 'Time traveller', perhaps the most modern-sounding track of the punch, followed by somewhat minimalist 'Evil eyes'. For me, the most appealing tracks on the EP turned out to be 'Did it again' with its old school EBM charm, and title song 'Slave Nation', which possesses tribal rhythms. The last tracks on the EP are sinisterly groovy 'TV-Man' and hypnotic 'Sabotage' (EBM mix).

Unlike many of today's most popular EBM / dark electro acts, VOMITO NEGRO trusts in brooding sounds suggestive of impending doom instead of blunt rage, and does so quite effectively, despite the lack of catchy ear-candy pieces or dance floor hits that would stand clearly above the rest. Lyrics are not exactly the most innovative, but at least they are not downright awkward - many bands do worse in this respect. While 'Slave Nation' is not stellar, the album works quite well as a whole as there is no goofs either.


01 Time traveller
02 Evil eyes
03 We did it again
04 Slave nation
05 TV-Man
06 Sabotage (EBM mix)


Gin Devo - Vocals, analogue sound-constructions, sequencer patching, haunting atmospheres, drum machine programming, songwriting.
Sam Devos - Synthetic think-tank, pre-recorded grooves, keyboards & noises, theremin actions.


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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10

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