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vomitonegro deathsun
Artist: Vomito Negro
Title: Death Sun
Genre: EBM
Release Date: 28th March 2014
Label: Scanner / Dark Dimensions Label Group

Album Review

I remember seeing VOMITO NEGRO opening the “Festival Of Darkness” in Hanover as long ago as 1990, and I remember how the Belgian EBM duo simply blew me away! This was Electronic Body Music in its purest form, and also in its darkest and creepiest guise, steeped with a sense of danger and brute force. Twenty-four years later the formula for VOMITO NEGRO hasn't changed much, although you can hardly claim that VOMITO NEGRO would be formulaic and just recapitulating their sound over and over again. The ingredients might be the same but the sonic conglomerate gets a proper shake-up with every new release. After a number of line-up changes and a longer break at the beginning of the millennium, VOMITO NEGRO returned with the album 'Skull & Bones' in 2010 followed by 'Fall Of An Empire', leading now to the brand new long-player 'Death Sun'.

Still as danceable as (early) FRONT 242 and as haunting as THE KLINIK, Gin Devo and his latest collaborator Sven Kadanza stick to the pre-Techno EBM that doesn't deny its roots in early Industrial a la THROBBING GRISTLE or CABARET VOLTAIRE and manage to give their sound a serious injection of freshness and incitement. And VOMITO NEGRO also have something to say! While some younger “harsh electro” acts write lyrics that seem like a compilation of catch phrases from horror b-movies, VOMITO NEGRO continue their exploration of the darker sides of the human mind and the geopolitical enigmas of today's media society. 'Fighting The Force', one of the most imperative tracks of the new album, is a fine example for this.

'Death Sun' starts with the instrumental 'Time', and the six-minute track is not so much a plain intro for the album but rather one of the best pieces on the album. Equally epic and unsettling, it perfectly sets the mood for the rest of the album. Track number two, 'Stain', boosts the BPM rate and while most songs on 'Death Sun' hardly leave the mid-tempo zone the album has enough punch to please those who are looking mainly for aggressive dance grooves in an EBM record. But VOMITO NEGRO have certainly more to offer than just that. 'Death Sun' is serious business, worlds apart from the cartoon-style mockery of “dark music” that certain EBM/ Industrial acts deliver these days.

Rather than just screaming at the listener, the apocalyptic and (in the best sense of the word) monotonous aural attacks of VOMITO NEGRO develop a hypnotic quality which sucks you in and won't let you go until the end of finishing track 'Angel Fire'. The drawback of this might be that there's no song which truly stands out (aside from 'Fighting The Force', perhaps) but on the other hand this doesn't really diminish the quality of the album. 'Skull & Bones' probably still remains the best piece of work of the reunited VOMITO NEGRO but with 'Death Sun' VOMITO NEGRO continue to impress!


01. Time
02. Stain
03. Fighting The Force
04. Obsession
05. In Silent Places
06. White Lights
07. King Of Thieves
08. Nairaland
09. Angel Fire


Gin Devo
Sven Kadanza

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vomitonegro deathsun


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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