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vomitonegro fallofanempire
Artist: Vomito Negro
Title: Fall of an Empire
Genre: Electro / Industrial / EBM
Release Date: 1st February 2013
Label: EK Product

Album Review

One of the oldest bands around the scene, VOMITO NEGRO, have returned with a new album. And to just cut to the chase they sound as cool as ever. Dark, often sarcastic, they certainly have a bleak view of the world. It would be interesting if the band was all about some futuristic dystopia, but they claim their songs are about the ‘real’ world. The great thing concerning their music is certainly that the listener gets the impression that the mood and soundscapes were created first and then the particulars were added, or to say it better, crystallised, giving to this CD a dense feeling of band’s dysphoria with “reality”. It also seems that the band is calling for some form of “regeneration”. It is at this point when some unpleasant bells should toll.

The simple-mindedness of most EBM bands when dealing with political themes has become almost pervasive and unfortunately the VOMITO NEGRO has fallen as its prey. Specifically they seem to carry on a dualist approach of the world, everything sound as dire as matters of life and death. Still, and much to their credit, the band with its minimalist sound and the proper tone of distortions manages to minimise what it is losing with its lyrics. It is really a very peculiar balance all the more striking since you feel that in total the band might even win something out of it due to their sarcasm. It is certain that if your mind-set is only around a dance floor you’ll hardly find here something to make you shake your bum besides the catchy ‘Emerging Souls’. If on the other hand your favourite hobby is staring at the ceiling and thinking then you’ll find here plenty to ponder about and enjoy yourselves.


01. Enemy of the State
02. Tape X
03. Factory Child
04. Power on Demand
05. Machines of Hate
06. Into Your Eyes
07. Emerging Souls
08. Hollow Heads
09. Fall of an Empire


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vomitonegro fallofanempire


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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