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lebanonhanover2Hydrozagadka Club, Warsaw, Poland
12th March, 2016
Lebanon Hanover & undertheskin

It was about one hour to the official show start and the little atmospheric club was already fully packed. A lot of people still were waiting on the entrance and outside in hope to get occasional tickets. Totally sold-out venue! Some people arrived in Warsaw from different countries such as Belarus and Ukraine.


UNDERTHESKIN is actually the one-man project of Void - the vocalist of Polish Gothic Rock band DEATHCAMP PROJECT. Void is in love with analogue sounds, so, you will find a big heap of cold bass pulse, post-punk guitars and ice-cold voices. The band got already one self-titled album in the pocket. The band consist of three musicians during live shows that gives audience "juicy" and dense sound. /


Music & Performance
UNDERTHESKIN started right in time as it was announced. As a live act, the band is even more powerful and it feels that the musicians have a big experience on stage behind their backs. So solid they are! Little stage and closeness to the audience resulted in a very dynamic short set with dense and still cold sound. As far as it was getting to the culmination, Void leaded people from one story to another and the ending of the set should be the highest moment... After 30 minutes, one by one, the guys left the stage leaving fans asking for more. It felt like there was something left untold. The warming-up UNDERTHESKIN for sure was a great choice.

Lebanon Hanover

LEBANON HANOVER was formed in 2010 by two musicians in Great Britain: Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline. The band has changed its base to Germany by now. So far, the band has four full-lengths albums. The duo considers itself less "festival" more "club" orientated. And it's fully true: the nostalgic and minimal-wave style of the music that the band is trying to revive with successful effort is more likely to be shared between musicians and audience in tight and very intimate club atmosphere. The duo sings in two language: English and German. /


Music & Performance
After the short break for instrumental changing and sound check, the band of the evening was ready to hit the stage. During preparation, organizers made some "floral" decoration on stage with spilling a lot of artificial rose petals on the floor and on the instruments. So, the stage became a playground for the fans in the first row and they started to take photos and selfies on this background. People's crowd became bigger and bigger, because close to 10 P.M. organizers let the rest in who didn't catch tickets on pre-sale, so they could finally buy them on entrance and listen to the band. In the heavy fog, the tender body of Larissa started to appear very slowly and elegantly. The duo appeared all in sharp black. William and Larissa started their set with warm greeting and ‘Midnight Creature’, swept the fans by the wave of cold melancholy. The voices of the singers turned the club into a minimalistic analogue underworld, emotionless but precise, still sounding like a guiding path to the meaning of the whole lyrics.


During ‘Saddest Smile’, the connecting threads between musicians and audience established fundamentally. With every song, people came more and more into mood and obsessively craved for more. The acceptance of the band by the audience was overpowering. After fifty minutes and ‘Sunderland’, William and Larissa left the stage and after supportive screaming and asking for one more song, they returned like the wind with the old-school sound of ‘Northern lights’ and William put the most of himself into it. The band finished their conquer of the club with most known ‘Die World’. Shortly after the show, the duo was caught during collecting their instruments and staff, and surrounded by fans asking to sign CDs, LPs and posters.

01. Midnight Creature
02. Very Good Life
03. Saddest Smile
04. Industrial Way
05. Die World II
06. No One Holds Hands
07. Hall of Ice
08. Dark Hill
09. Invite me
10. Albatross
11. Gallow Dance
12. Sunderland
13. Northern Skies
14. Kunst
15.The Chamber
16. Crater
17. Chimerical
18. Die World I

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 6
Total: 8 / 10

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All pictures by Liudmyla Radyk

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