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Artist: Lebanon Hanover
Title: Sci-Fi Sky
Genre: Coldwave
Release Date: 20th October 2020
Label: Fabrika Records

Album Review

Since their founding in 2012, LEBANON HANOVER have established themselves as one of the most successful acts of their genre throughout Europe. Two years after the release of their last album, ‘Let Them Be Alien’, there is another new release, called ‘Sci-Fi Sky’, proving the creative energy of the duo.

Two singles have been released earlier this year. The first one was the two-track single ‘The Last Thing’ which was released in both digital and vinyl format. The title song is a blue print of what LEBANON HANOVER are loved and respected for, an emotional mix of Larissa Iceglass haunted, gloomy voice, dramatic keys, neat bass lines and the precise beats of a drum computer. In my opinion one of their best songs, yet. The second single is called ‘Digital Ocean’ and reminds of William Maybelline’s solo project QUAL. Fun fact: The video for this song was filmed with an original 80s VHS camcorder. You’ll find it here:

A little surprise is the song ‘Angel Face’, sung by Maybelline as well and accompanied by an acoustic guitar, with drums and synths joining in. ‘Your Pure Soul’ is again dominated by Larissa “Iceglass” Georgiou’s voices again and maybe the band’s gloomiest track so far. The new album is an appropriate soundtrack for the year 2020. In the promo info for the record it says: “At the dawn of the global pandemic, where dystopian nightmares that were only ever seen before within the pages of books and flashes of silver screen celluloid, has become a daily reality, a new kind of darkness envelops the world.”

So here we are now in autumn 2020 with rising infection numbers and the dark and cold months ahead. Stay at home, open a bottle of wine and dive into an ocean of fine tunes - may it be a digital or analogue one. If you’ve liked the previous releases of LEBANON HANOVER you are going to love this record. Collectors may note that there are several different formats of the album: a compact disc release and a limited double vinyl sets with several different colours available: yellow with grey, blue and white and dark green and white.


01. Living On The Edge
02. Golden Child
03. Garden Gnome
04. Digital Ocean
05. The Last Thing
06. Angel Face
07. Hard Drug
08. Third Eye In Shanghai
09. Your Pure Soul
10. Come Kali Come


Larissa “Iceglass” Georgiou - Voice, Guitar
William Maybelline - Voice, Bass, Programming

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lebanonhanover scifisky


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8 / 10

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