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Lebanon Hanover 016Indiego Glocksee, Hanover, Germany
16th November 2019
Lebanon Hanover & Support: Konstantin Unwohl

‘The world is getting colder’ - the title of LEBANON HANOVER’s debut album from 2012 really fit to this day in November. At least on the Northern part of the globe. It was cold and windy when I walked to the autonomous youth centre “Glocksee”, a rundown building right at the banks of the Ihme River in the city of Hanover. The view to the opposite side of the river is dominated by the Ihme Centre, a relic of the 1970ies concrete brutalism. The location of the event could be more accurate.

Konstantin Unwohl

Opener of the evening was KONSTANTIN UNWOHL from Hamburg. UNWOHL’s one-man-project is heavily influenced by 80ies Minimal Electro and yet still innovative. Being the support act can be quite ungrateful. Not in this case though. The audience received the danceable tunes complaisantly - and dancing. The only little downside was that it was difficult to catch the lyrics which would have been worth to hear more clearly.

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Lebanon Hanover

After a short break LEBANON HANOVER entered the stage. The band’s name refers to a town in New Hampshire in the USA and has nothing to do with the capital of Lower Saxony in Germany. If you connect this fact with Goethe’s quote “Names are sound and smoke”, it still comes altogether. The band has a strong fan base in Germany and thus it was no surprise that there was a good connection between artists and audience from the very beginning of the gig to the end. Right in the middle of the concert Larissa got a box of chocolate from a young lady in the crowd. The gift became decoration of the keyboard for the rest of the gig.

Lebanon Hanover 018

I’ve seen the band several times live before and although all of these shows have been great, I came to the conclusion that this was one was special. You could feel the dedication both Larissa and William put in their performance. Although the minimal-wave style of their music is somehow nostalgic it neither feels dusty or old-fashioned. Instead you can find timeless treasures, beauty, aesthetic and intensity in each of their songs. Impressive! Highlights: ‘Die World II’, ‘Northern Lights’, ‘True Romantics’, and ‘Du Scrollst’.

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All Pictures by Christian W.

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