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Band name: Kreator
Title: Enemy Of God
Genre: Trashmetal
Release date: Janaury 2005
Record company/label: Steamhammer

Note of the reviewer
: I admit, it is a late review, but I had the feeling the time wasn’t there. Now when we had 7th June fresh in our memory, the time is there to reveal you the new album of Kreator. Sometimes a situation puts it all in a different perspective and that is what happened.


When you hear the name ‘Kreator’ it taste like a past where metal gods were born. When metal needed bands like this, where sweaty men and wiskey voices were normal, but there is more. They are still the face of trashmetal, also to a new generation. They are an icon, a master and also down to earth. With this new record they show that they are still worried about this world.

Mille Petrozza - guitar & vocals
Christian Giesler – bass
Sami Yli-Sirniö - guitar
Jürgen Reil – drums

Song review

01. Enemy of God  - 5:46
A strong opener of the record and with a title which shows the kind of mood Mille was in when he wrote the lyrics. Low riffs and up-tempo guitarwork. Sounds like the old school trashmetal, but with a typical Kreator sound. Immidiatly the voice of Mille will surprise you: it is more raw, deep and aggressive. When he screams "Bringing war from heaven ..
A thousand fires burn" you feel his pain in your bones.

02. Impossible Brutality – 4:33
A catchy song. An intro from the drums grows when the clean guitars come in. Peacefull Mille comes in and lets his voice grow to the coirs. Modest and subtle and when the riffs change the dispair comes up. It is a very detailed song, but the lyrics are very directl; "And as your World collapses … I'll watch it die in silence."

03. Suicide Terrorist - 3:31
Again the heavy guitar lines are very important in the song. A strong structure between vocals and drums create a good balance. Mille doesn’t want to sound ‘beautiful’, no it is just his voice which is an instrument to show his anger. The instruments are more on the background, a good choice, otherwise it would have been overdone. Some clean guitar parts bring some rest but they are a bit too short sometimes. Sami and Mille are a good team with a nice feeling for melody.

04. World Anarchy – 3:57
The desperate scream again at the real ‘creator’ God. It immidiatly holds your attention with a drummachine and even lower guitar lines; all deeper and deeper. Monotunous are the vocals to let is collapse at some parts. Simple, but effective. They keyword for this record is certainly: Hate. Nice detail: The middlepart has a melodic whisper. A little light in the dark agression.

05. Dystopia – 3:43
A more up-tempo song, just a trashmetal machine with a catchy sound. You can easily sing it along and it is a bit Slayer when you forget the voice of Mille. A good warming-up for the headbanging fans. The fierce guitar solo makes the ong unpredictable.

06. Voices of the Dead – 4:35
A balad, as you can call it, in a trashmetal way. An ominous intro and a whisper brings the listener back to earth. Again there is the good balance in the mix of the instruments and the lead vocals. The band doesn’t need to prove anything anymore, but it shows here that they have a melodic side with even some backing vocals. Finally the long guitar solo is there and it's strong; it makes the adrenaline build up.

07. Murder Fantasies – 4:52
Mille and his men go on in a heavy up-tempo sound. Maybe this is the overkill moment of the record. Too much ‘kill’ in the vocals. The drum and guitars are mixed as well, so there are too many lines to follow. Mille is restless, so the song is really not easy to follow. Well, on the other hand it proves that trashmetal can be difficult.
Leadguitar on this song is by guest musician: Michael Amott.

08. When Death Makes Its Dominion – 5:41
The intro almost reminds me of a very old song of Iron Maiden. Again the melody became more and more important for Kreator. Secure all instruments are under controle and really are in harmony of eachother. Back to the old school days with this song. For the people who think that Mille can only scream: he proves here that he really can sing too.

09. One Evil Comes (A Million Follow) – 3:22
The same goes for this song. More up-tempo than the other one, but with the same ‘kreator melody.’ Luckely the lyrics are not that hatefull anymore. You feel the faith in the songs and Mille also changes his style of siging, lighter and a bit higher. This song is a bit a moment of rest  when you get bored of the aggressive sound.

10. Dying Race Apocalypse – 4:43
An acoustic guitar is the intro of this song, with a simple and light melody, but when the heavy guitar comes in the atmosphere changes. Tree different guitar lines are crossed and together with the bass and drums it is a heavy song. When Mille join in the lines are more simple and the low riffs brings the darkness back into their sound. The story continues.

11. Under a Total Blackened Sky – 4:31
Trash is also Slayer and Kreator shows that they can be more trash. Starting off with a simple look-a-like Slayer riff, soon the song grows into a real Kreator song. One of the raw, direct songs on the record without difficult lines or lyrics.

12. The Ancient Plague – 6:58
The longest song on the record and you can be sure that Kreator has put everything in it. Clean guitar lines are used to create their own heaven. The story is ended "Silent places after rain" Mille whispers. There is peace within him, but only for a brief moment. Then he realizes that it is a dream the hate comes back, pushed by the low bass riffs and low drum parts. This time the guitar of Sami is more on its own and goes its own way. Mille brings the harmony back to work towards the end. With a certain voice he ends his story: "A savious apears in a red mask in front of me and Satan is his name!"

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Technical Summary

Total playing time:  56.12
Total songs: 12

I can’t discribe what this band did with my emotions. Kreator shows you the deepest feelings of fear and anger in a way that makes it almost beautiful. This contrast is amazing; the clean melody lines and the voice of Mille, who screams out fron the top of his longs: this hate of the world. They are still the masters of trashmetal and if you like it or not you won’t be disapointed. This album surprises friend and foe, and most of all; it shows that the band is still growing and looking for a fresh sound. How lucky are we with this German god Mille and his men who give us a nice headbanging time!

Music 9
Sound 8
Extra’s -
Total   9

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