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Title: Hordes of Chaos
Artist: Kreator
Genre: Metal
Release Date: 19th January 2009
Label: SPV Steamhammer

Album Review

The promise of the new year comes from KREATOR ( ‘Hordes of Chaos’ is beautiful album: it awakes something inside your body, you feel the adrenaline, and makes you hungry for more. That is the mark what makes bands unforgettable, that is why this album will grab you and won’t let go.

Since 1985 on the top of the international metal scene, easily leaving contemporaries like Slayer and Metallica behind. Even when you are not familiar with metal, it is worth to try. ‘Hordes of Chaos’ is catchy, melodic and a real challenge. Mille Petrozza with his typical voice is pure in his emotions. Who looks deeper discovers that he is moved by society critics and it’s more than just metal. Four years ago there was ‘Enemy of God’ (2005) what became a huge success: an impressive list of tours all over the world followed. Now the long awaited album is there, and it is an ode to the roots of KREATOR. The openings track ‘Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)’ shows a band who is grown in a technical way, and give the fan a catchy sound and impressive fast drum parts from Jürgen Reil (without click-track), teamwork between Mille and guitarist Sami Yli- Sirniö. The minimalistic live setting from producer Moses is back to the basic. No glam mixture, but as raw as it was used in ’86 on the ‘Pleasure to Kill’ album.

A few days ago they kicked-off the tour and also live it has that groovy sound. It is pure; they dare to be fragile in an intense way. ‘Warcurse’ is as sharp as a knife: heavy-footed riffs with more space for bass player Christian Giesler, and time for catchy guitar solos. The tone is set and ‘Escalation’ is a real festival song, stays in your head for a while. When you thought this was the top level, there is suddenly ‘Amok Run’ that refers a bit to ‘Voices Of The Dead’ cause Mille uses his voice totally different. With acoustic guitar but it grows into the well-known aggressive sound. They not only write good music, but also are not predictable even after all those years. Old school fans will like ‘Radical Resistance’ fast and the adrenaline meter is totally red now. The other songs are resolute and with many variations, a road to discovering the new KREATOR.

‘Demon Prince’ is the last raw diamond, full of contrasts and proves that they challenged themselves on the top of their ability. An impressive silence stays, respect for this band. In an unforgettable way they are on the top of the metal scene with 'Hordes Of Chaos.' Trash metal is re-invented by the master himself.


01. Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue For The Elite)
02. Warcurse
03. Escalation
04. Amok Run
05. Destroy What Destroys You
06. Radical Resistance
07. Absolute Misanthropy
08. To The Afterborn
09. Corpses of Liberty
10. Demon Prince

Limited edition - Disc 2
01. The making of Hordes of Chaos, directed by Stephanie von Beauvais
02. Awaking of the Gods (live at Summer Breeze Open Air Germany 2006)
03. Coma of the Souls (live at Summer Breeze Open Air Germany 2006)
04. Hordes Of Chaos (videoclip)


Miland "Mille" Petrozza - Vocals & Guitar
Sami Yli-Sirniö - Guitar (2001-)
Christian "Speesy" Giesler - Bass (1995-)
Jürgen "Ventor" Reil - Drums, Vocals (1984-1994, 1996 )

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Music 9
Sound 9
Extra's 9
Total: 9/10


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