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Title: Dum-Dum Bullet
Artist:  The Mission
Genre: Goth Rock
Release Date: 25th June 2010
Label: Oblivion (SPV)

Album Review

What? A new release from THE MISSION? Didn’t the split up for good? Thoughts like that went through my head when reading the first news about ‘Dum-Dum Bullet’, the new THE MISSION album. But a closer look at those news, particularly a statement of Wayne Hussey, gave away this is kind of a companion release to the last full-length ‘God is a Bullet’, filled with then-unfinished material of the album sessions that just has been completed by Hussey, B-sides of singles and a few of Wayne’s solo demos. That conglomeration of songs begins with ‘It Don’t Matter Anymore’ that with spherical guitar lines atop a slow, brooding build makes up a nice start. ‘Refugee’ starts right away with a barrage of harsh guitars, joined by very prominent drums and bass. At times it is as if Hussey’s voice is drowning inside the mix. The next track ‘Room 22’ treats calmer waters and is one to glide away and dream if you like. ‘Acoustic Blush’ is also kept acoustic but anyway floors the gas pedal with vibrant use of the guitar.

The instrumental ‘Still Deep Waters’ maintains a Cure-esque darkness over its 3 minutes and with vocals surely would’ve been a stand-out track. On ‘Aquarius & Gemini’, Hussey makes wide use of piano and organ, and the only other thing heard beside his voice is a female background singer. With its dry bass and guitar backdrop, ‘The Earth You Walk Upon’ bears similarities to the post-punk era and by that alone is already an interesting tune to listen to. ‘Stranger in a Foreign Land’ is suggesting harshness since everything’s been chased through distortion filters while the last tune ‘Blush Remodel’ turns out to be a gloomy, all-electronic adventure. ‘Dum-Dum Bullet’ is mostly driven by serenity, but it also has powerful parts as mentioned above. Some will find these are happening not often enough; others will rejoice about all the calm stuff.


01. It Don't Matter Anymore Anyhow - 4:27
02. Refugee - 3:53
03. Room 22 - 7:04
04. Chelsea Blue - 4:45
05. Acoustic Blush - 3:37
06. Thine - 3:12
07. So Many Things - 3:45
08. Still Deep Waters (instrumental) - 3:12
09. Katya's Lullaby - 3:40
10. Aquarius & Gemini (a capella) - 3:39
11. The Earth You Walk Upon - 2:54
12. Stranger In A Foreign Land - 3:53
13. Blush Remodel - 5:19


Wayne Hussey - Vocals & Guitar
Mark Gemini Thwaite - Guitar
Richie Vernon - Bass
Steve Spring - Drums

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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10


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