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patenbrigadewolff tanzveranstaltung
Artist: Patenbrigade: Wolff
Title: Tanzveranstaltung (A Retrospective Best Of 2008-2012)
Genre: Electro
Release Date: 11th November 2011
Label: Zweieck Recordings/Soulfood

Album Review

“How can you tell which of the telephones on Honecker's desk is the direct line to Moscow? It's the one with only a receiver and no mouthpiece.” This joke of Vladimir Putin came to my mind when I started listening to the PATENBRIGADE: WOLFF. For the time being keep this joke in mind and I will return later to it. PATENBRIGADE has returned with a brand new “best of” which covers their period from 2008 and the ‘Stalinalee’ EP till the present day. Their ‘Tanzveranstaltung’ (“Dance Event”) is what it promises from its very title; an 80 min dance experience, fascinating and appealing. They promise to deliver electro and that’s what they are among the very best in doing. The intriguing thing about the band is that they seem to have a peculiar opinion of what the ideal club should be. Sometimes their songs are for typical dance-floors.

Yet I feel that most of the times the band considers the world to be an endless dance-floor per se. Thus don’t be surprised with let’s say ‘Volksarmee’ which starts as a kindergarten song or ‘Stalinalee’ for which you might think the band has jumped into some documentary material from the Cold War in order to have their own sense of fun. Their ability to compose political songs and at the same time to infuse them with tremendous amounts of fun and make them utterly danceable is truly stunning. They have mixed an almost surrealistic sense of humour (of the kind that was essential in order to bear the former regime) with lots of beer and they’ve dressed them up with pure Electro joy. The band dominates the German Alternative charts for a bloody good reason; when PATENBRIGADE:WOLFF say dance you dance!


01. Schallplattenunterhalter
02. Feind hört mit! (B. Honeckers MfS Edit)
03. Signal
04. Weisswein
05. Der Brigadier trinkt Bier!
06. Volksarmee
07. Tanzveranstaltung
08. Stalinallee (Jugendklub Mix)
09. Kampfgruppen
10. Tele Lotto
11. EVP 16,10 M (feat. Sara Noxx)
12. Spielerlaubnis
13. Schallplattenunterhalter (Vinyl Mix)
14. Feind hört mit! (E. Mielkes Club Abhör Version)
15. Signal (PAL Remix)
16. Ostberliner Bauarbeiter (Dunkelwerk Remix)
17. Blaue Fliesen
18. Der Generalmajor fährt zur Arbeit
19. Weltsicht (Nur Kauf-CD Version)


Sven Wolff
Lance Murdock
Nadine Stelzer

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patenbrigadewolff tanzveranstaltung


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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