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introReithalle Strasse E, Dresden, Germany
16th April 2011
Covenant, Patenbrigade:Wolff, Decoded Feedback

After years, COVENANT returned to play songs of their new album ‘Modern Ruin’. It’s been 8 years they hadn’t played a show in Dresden. I was happy myself when I heard about ‘Mordern Ruin’ and even happier when I got the CD in my hands to put it in my player. Well, I couldn’t joint their show last year at AMPHI festival, so I was highly exited to see COVENANT live at the Reithalle. The audience was dancing and dreaming to new songs like ‘Lightbringer’ and were celebrating older songs such as ‘Stalker’ after they were warmed up by support acts DECODED FEEDBACK and PATENBRIGADE:Wolff


Music and Performance
I have seen COVENANT once at WGT 2008, so I can’t compare their show in Dresden to so many other ones. The intro was really great, a great composure of synthesizer sounds and lights. When the band came on stage, the audience applauded. You could really feel the excitement. Their first song was ‘Stalker’, one of my personal favourites. Everyone there knew the lyrics, so the party could get started. There was a high energy within the audience only caused by this song. Eskil made me smile when he came down singing “I don’t want let you go to the no man’s land” and giving me his hand later during ‘No man‘s Land’ was played. I’ll judge this behaviour with “charming”.


The light was perfect. It just fitted to every single sound of the whole concert. Impossible to make it better, I have never seen a better light show before. Just perfect! The sound was great, sometimes not enough bass in my eyes. And Eskil’s voice sounded perfect, the same on CD and live. I don’t know many artist where you can say this. Of course the band called our ships to port and Eskil was really entertaining when he talked about “modern ruin” and revolution. Sadly ‘Der Leiermann’ was a little ruined by the fact that the microphone collapsed and it took way too long to get another one. Only the first verse was played. I was upset, but the rest of the audience forgave Eskil and company. At the end of the show I was really happy to have been there.


But there’s one little thing the staff of the Reithalle should change: It is really annoying to throw people out of the concert hall when the show just ended 2 minutes before. They all stuck at the doors or the wardrobe, just as always after concerts. It was impossible to leave quickly. It’s not the first time the staff throws out everyone and make them hurry (in fact it’s quite impossible to hurry), I already knew it from the COMBICHRIST show a few weeks before.

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 10
Total: 9 / 10

Pictures from the show in Frankfurt by Daniela Vorndran ( / / /

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