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sotm sevenbells
Artist: Secrets of the Moon
Title: Seven Bells
Genre: Black Metal
Release Date: 16th March 2012
Label: Prophecy Productions / Lupus Lounge

Album Review

SECRETS OF THE MOON are a black metal band from Osnabrück, Germany. Their newest release ‘Seven Bells’ was their fourth album. Since their founding 1995 they always seem to be an underground tip. But with their release ‘Antithesis’ in the year 2006 they gained more attention from the larger metal community. They increase their popularity when they performed at both Summer Breeze and Hellfest. With this new album SECRETS OF THE MOON try to maintain a careful steadiness combined with some new innovations.

First of all I should mention that this new album has only seven tracks, as the seven bells of doom, but none of these tracks has a playing time of less then five minutes. ‘Nyx’ and ‘The Three Beggars’ are real mammoth-like pieces and provide quiet good music for a minimum of eleven minutes. With the opener ‘Seven Bells’ builds up a real force of unleashed energy. Creepy bell sound fused with excellent and powerful riffing supported by tormenting vocals produce a fine overall melodic nature. ‘Goathead’ follows right on from the first to the last notes this track blows your brain out of your cranium, like a full-blown Armageddon strikes your head. Atmospheric parts followed by a slow construct at the end ensures that ‘Goathead’ could be listened again and again.

‘Serpent Messiah’ shows one part of the bands new innovations. Atypical Black Metal sound was presented here fiendish riffing, hart hitting drums and melodic multilayered vocals SECRETS OF THE MOON presents us a completely different way for this kind of music. With ‘Blood Into Wine’ a long-established and always conventional track comes to life. ‘Worship’ and ‘Nyx’ incorporate some Doom-like influence. Perfectly crafted slow passages and high speed ups reveal the versatility of these two tracks. Finally ‘The Three Beggars’ close this album with a epical mammoth-like track. Slow but strong parts with melodic vocals replaced sometimes with harsh parts, atmospheric passages and some nice tempo changes close this album with style.

SECRET OF THE MOON deliver us a truly ambitious album. They tried to incorporate many ideas and new aspects to all of the seven tracks. I surely admit that’s quite difficult to listen to this album in one go, but after several times listening I happily could recognize the planed versatility of several tracks. A new album which I could definitely recommend!


01. Seven Bells
02. Goathead
03. Serpent Messiah
04. Blood Into Wine
05. Worship
06. Nyx
07. The Three Beggars


sG - Lead Vocals, Guitars & Bass Guitar
Ar - Vocals & Guitars
Thelemnar - Vocals & Drums


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sotm sevenbells


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10

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