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secretsofthemoon sun
Artist: Secrets of the Moon
Title: Sun
Genre: Occult Metal / Rock
Release Date: 4th December 2015
Label: Prophecy Productions

Album Review

SECRETS OF THE MOON were formed in 1995 and are considered amongst the most well-known German Black Metal bands. Their latest album, ‘Seven Bells’, was released in 2012. With ‘Sun’, the band is back with its sixth full-length album.

Now it is not often the case that a band radically changes its style from one album to the next. Although SECRETS OF THE MOON were always rather operating on the Atmospheric side of Black Metal, far from simple and ordinary riffing, ‘Sun’ marks a departure for an altogether slower, less riff-driven and more atmospheric way of song-writing. This is not to say that this comes out of the blue, considering for instance tracks like ‘Nyx’ from ‘Seven Bells’ or sG's own project CROWN. The biggest change in style is most notable in the use of clean vocals, alongside less heaviness and an extremely reduced, if not entirely absent, incorporation of Black Metal elements. The melodies and atmosphere still persist, so that ‘Sun’ does sound characteristically like SECRETS OF THE MOON.

Whereas the opener, ‘No More Colours’, indeed functions as a sort of transition from ‘Seven Bells’ to ‘Sun’, via its more prominent riffing, from the second half onwards, it becomes clear that SECRETS OF THE MOON embark on a journey with a different emphasis. Whilst this may be subsumed under the notion of “occult”, part of their sound and mood might be compared to (early) ALICE IN CHAINS or even THE CURE. However, influences and comparisons are always vague notions in describing an album. With their seven songs (thus, apart from particular lyrical concepts posing an inter-textual and inter-medial connection to their past work), the band rather operates on a mid-tempo scale, including i.e. acoustic guitars (‘Dirty Black’) or more unusual rhythmical elements (‘Man Behind The Sun’).

An interestingly dense atmosphere is conveyed in 'I Took The Sky Away’, which is characterized by a really catchy guitar lead. Moreover, with 'Hole' posing a more or less explicit commentary on religion, the texts also stand out as an important aspect in the band's perception. However, it might turn out difficult to join SECRETS OF THE MOON in their journey - while some listeners might find their new style innovative and appealing, it might for others as too mellow, less grasping and dense. This is possibly due to the fact that, after all, the style does not come off as easily and innovative as might be expected. Moreover, being different and partly innovative just for the sake of it cannot always make up for not-too-convincing conceptions and song-structures. Be that as it may, judging and rating the album after a whole bunch of spins proves a difficult task and, as always, cannot claim to be purely objective. Thus, fans of the band and unusual music are not discouraged from listening to the album.


01. No More Colours
02. Dirty Black
03. Man Behind the Sun
04. Hole
05. Here Lies the Sun
06. I Took the Sky Away
07. Mark of Cain


sG - Vocals, Guitar
Ar - Guitar
Naamah Ash - Bass Guitar
Erebor - Drums

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secretsofthemoon sun


Music: 6
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 6.5 / 10

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