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pinkturnsblue theremustbesomuchmore
Artist: Pink Turns Blue
Title: There Must Be So Much More
Genre: Dark Wave
Release Date: 2nd April 2021
Label: Orden Records

Single Review

There are bands which have had high ranks in the charts and still have a place deep in the heart of many fans. One of those bands is the German Dark Wave legend PINK TURNS BLUE. Formed in 1985, they were part of the first generation of the Goth scene in Germany. In the mid 90ies they split up and found together again in 2003. On April 29th the band has released an “official visual” (a.k.a. video clip) to their new single ‘There Must Be So Much More’.

The band describes the song as “a warning of complacency. An urgent call to refine oneself and to make the world a better place. There must be so much more.” It is a melancholic grievance to life and an ode to humanity. Thus, it touches the core of what New Wave was in the past and still is today. It’s a timeless commitment which would have fit into the early work of the band and still does not sound outdated or mouldy. It also rises high expectations regarding upcoming releases.

The track is the first of some singles which are planned to be released in the next months. Later on when the band has a better idea about the lockdown / live concert situation a new album is planned as CD and vinyl.


01. There Must Be So Much More


Michael “Mic” Jogwer – Vocals, Guitar
Rüdiger “Ruebi” Walter – Bass, Keyboard
Paul Richter – Drums


Cover Picture

pinkturnsblue theremustbesomuchmore


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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