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sop4P60, Amstelveen, The Netherlands
25th June 2011
Stream of Passion, Sin7Sins

Female fronted power was on the menu tonight with SIN7SINS (support) and STREAM OF PASSION. Occasion of the event is the CD presentation of SOPs third studio album. With a reputation in the Dutch FFM scene, lots of fans have gathered in front of P60 in Amstelveen to check out their new show.


SIN7SINS is a female fronted band founded in 2006. By touring as part of the Dutch Jägermeister Tour the band brought their demo under the attention. Their first album ‘Perversion Ltd’ was recorded last year followed by a deal with Suburban and later on with Massacre Records. The album was released worldwide in October 2010. SIN7SINS has shared the stage with some familiar names in the genre of female fronted metal, such as ASRAI, IZEGRIM, REVAMP, EPICA and from today on they can add STREAM OF PASSION to that list. /


Music & performance
If looks could kill, there would be no audience left. The show takes off with some angry glances, followed some eerie keyboard tunes, and a mix of heavy drums and guitars and singer Lotus’ childlike voice. Their mix of gothic industrial/electro rock/metal is quite accessible and could even be called danceable. Quite an amusing show follows, with sexual and violent coloured lyrics like ‘Seven Stitches’ and ‘Rape & Take’. Noticeable is the pleasant interaction of Lotus’ voice with Gen Morphine’s (yes, they have nicknames…) grunts. After a while however, their songs become a bit monotonous and maybe even tedious. Furthermore, I start wondering where that mysterious keyboard player is who kicks off most of the songs. Although the sound of SIN7SINS does not really match STREAM OF PASSION’s style (and that of the audience), the band is a nice warming up for tonight’s headliner.

Music: 6
Performance: 7
Sound: 6
Light: 5
Total: 6 / 10


Stream of Passion

STREAM OF PASSION is one of THE Dutch progressive / gothic metal bands. They entered the scene with their successful debut album ‘Embrace The Storm’ in 2005, foremost a project of Arjen Lucassen and Mexican singer Marcela Bovio. A lot has changed since then, especially in the band’s line up. A second album ‘The Flame Within’ followed in 2009, the unique sound of Marcela still being the centre of the STREAM OF PASSION sound. Tonight, STREAM OF PASSION presents their third album called ‘Darker Days’ in P60, Amstelveen in the Netherlands. /


Music & performance
It’s quite crowded in front of the stage, where a group of die-hard SOP fans has gathered to be as close as they can to the musicians on stage (or maybe most of all to enchanting singer Marcela). When the drums set in and the guitars start raging, it becomes clear that this band knows how to put up a convincing and rock solid live performance. Right after the musicians confirmed their presence on stage, singer Marcela takes over and absorbs all attention in the room with the first song from their new album: ‘Lost’. The combination of tango-like accordion and string tunes with her exotic voice is a recurring theme throughout the show which works very well and distinguishes this album from the previous one. A dynamic and energetic live performance follows, and it becomes clear STREAM OF PASSION is totally committed to their new repertoire. After 9 songs from their new album, the audience is treated with an old song from ‘The Flame Within’: ‘My leader’. After some Dutch words, Marcela switches to English in her presentation and warms up the audience for the announced after party, where they will do an acoustic set. Marcela’s delicate but strong voice is very prominent in every song and although she has a beautiful sound, it becomes a bit tiresome to my ears after a long set like this.


After a long break, where fans got the opportunity to interact with the band and get their copy of ‘Darker Days’ signed, it’s time for the acoustic set. Accompanied by keyboard player Jeffrey and guitar player Stephan, Marcela joins the band with her violin (a bit) and performs two old songs from ‘Embrace the Storm’ and the RADIOHEAD cover ‘Street Spirit’. A nice end to a successful CD presentation, though it would’ve been perhaps more interesting to end with an acoustic version of one of the new songs. For fans of female fronted metal, SOP is definitely one of the top bands in the genre who sure know how to put up a live show.

05.The Scarlet Mark
06.Games We Play
08.Our Cause
09.This Moment
10.My Leader
12.The Mirror
13.Darker Days
14.Nadie Lo Ve
15.This Endless Night
16.The Hunt
18.The World Is Ours
19.When You Hurt Me The Most
Acoustic set:
01. Nostalgia
02. Street spirit
03. Open your eyes

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7.8 / 10


All pics by Ruth Mampuys (

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