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Bandname: Zeraphine
Genre: Gothic Rock
Release Date: 2005-01-17
Record Company / Label: Drakkar (BMG)


As the "Dreadful Shadow"s - former band of lead singer Sven Friedrich - split up, the world looked a bit sad for all the fans. But Sven was back with his new band "Zeraphine". "Blind Camera", the 3rd album after "Kalte Sonne" and "Traumaworld" is harder than the albums before. It's dominated by heavier guitars and again by Sven's charismatic voice. The band improved their guitar work, which is now more sophisticated and more diversified. Like at the previous album "Blind Camera" again contains German and English lyrics.
"Blind Camera was released at the 17th of January 2005. In addition to the standard edition CD with 15 tracks (12 full songs and 3 interludes) there is an additional limited edition with bonus DVD. With a running time of 45 minutes the DVD contains "Zeraphines" video clips ("Die Macht in Dir", "New Year's Day" - a U2 - cover version and "Be my rain") and a long interview with the band members. Topics are i.e. the tour with HIM, the production of the new album and the pre production on the 'legendary' farm out at Spreewald. The interview contains many self filmed sequences from the tour, the video shooting and from many other locations. The DVD was compiled by the band itself, Sven himself was the director and editor! Please keep in mind that the DVD is in German language only.

Zeraphine are

Sven (voc, programmings)
Norman (guitars)
Manuel (guitars, b-voc)
Michael (bass)
Marcellus (drums)

Song review

1. I never want to be like you  - 3:24
The probably fastest and hardest song of the band history. It comes with English lyrics and heavy guitars, which dominate the whole song.

2. Die Macht in dir - 3:12
This song with German lyrics was prereleased as a Maxi-CD and the video could be seen in German music television. It starts with heavy guitars and goes on with the typical Zeraphine-melody-lines and a catchy refrain.

3. Blind Camera I - 0:39
This is the first interlude with very gentle sounds.

4. I feel your trace - 3:27
A bit more slow than the first two songs, it starts with gentle guitar sounds before the drums and and Sven's voice start. With the beginning of the refrain, which goes directly into mind, heavier guitars appear again.

5. Die Welt kann warten - 2:58
A quite short song that again is harder and dominated by guitars.

6. Kaltes Herz - 4:37
This quite slow song starts with accoustic guitar sounds and gentle drums and is dominated only by Sven's extraordinary voice. The guitars get harder along the song which you can especially recognize in the refrain which is again dominated by the guitars.

7. Hollow skies - 2:57
"Hollow skies" starts with gentle piano sounds before again guitar sounds arise. It's again one of the calmer songs. The soft parts of the song are interrupted by heavy guitars over and over again.

8. I'm numb - 4:40
This is all in all a quite smooth song even though the guitars again dominate the refrain.

9. Jede Wahrheit - 3:29
This song is a bit untypical for "Zeraphine" and starts with guitar sounds that remind me a bit of "The Cure". It's more an alternative rock song than a gothic song.

10. Blind Camera II - 0:24
The second interlude is dominated by strings.

11. Falscher Glanz - 3:20
All in all one of the calmer songs of the albung even though it starts with some guitar sounds.

12. River of you - 5:21
This is one of the very few songs that starts without the sound of guitars but with some gentle piano sounds and restraining drums. The verse is quite calm while the refrain again contains the heavy sound of the guitars which dominate the whole album. "River of you" is the longest song of the album.

13. When walls rise - 3:48
Like "Jede Wahrheit" this song reminds me a bit of "The Cure" as well, especially the guitar parts at the beginning. After the guitar sounds at the beginning the sing goes on with quites drums and gentle piano sounds which support Sven's voice that dominats this song before some soft guitar sounds start again. The refrain is again borne by heavy guitars as so many songs of the album, which makes it a little bit boring from time to time.

14. Blind camera III - 0:32
The last interlude before the final song comes quite electronically.

15. Until I finally drown - 4:08
The interlude directly passes into the last song of the album with very gentle sounds."Until I finally drown", one of the softer songs, is again dominated by Sven's voice and some accoustic guitar sounds.


There is a limited edition of the album which contains the CD and an additional DVD with video clips and an interview.

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Technical summary

Versions Total playing time Total songs
CD-Version 46:56 min 15 tracks (12 songs)
Ltd. Version (CD + DVD) 46:56 + 45 min 15 tracks (12 songs) + DVD


Total (3xmusic, 2xsound / 5)8,4 

Blind Camera Tour

Ticket Hotline: 0049 - 8621 - 64 64 64
16-MAR-05 Bremen Tivoli
17-MAR-05 Kiel Max
19-MAR-05 Magdeburg Factory
20-MAR-05 tbc   
21-MAR-05 Glauchau Alte Spinnerei
22-MAR-05 Erfurt Spot
23-MAR-05 Düsseldorf Tor 3
24-MAR-05 Stuttgart Röhre
26-MAR-05 Herford X 
27-MAR-05 Bochum Riff
29-MAR-05 Potsdam Lindenpark
13/16-MAY-05 Leipzig Wave Gotik Treffen
01-JUL-05 Gelsenkirchen Orkus Amphi Festival

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