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trivium26Täubchenthal, Leipzig, Germany
7th March 2017
Trivium + support SHVPES + SikTh

On Tuesday the 7th of March, TRIVIUM was guest in the Täubchenthal in Leipzig. The evening was opened by SHVPES with an impressive performance. Full power, pedal to the metal, kick ass feel from start to finish. Great! Absolutely convincing.

The second support on stage was SIKTH. The band was on stage but I'm not sure if they wanted that too. This evening, SIKTH could not go with the level prescribed by SHVPES. Anyway. During the changeover for the headliner TRIVIUM, the guests could hear good old Heavy Metal hits from SEPULTURA and JUDAS PRIEST. Sure, you can listen to this music at home but it will never be the same hearing these songs that loud played on a good-sounding PA. As last song they played IRON MAIDEN, ‘Run to the Hills’, and after this song the audience was in really good mood for the headliner TRIVIUM. Right from the beginning of the show there was a feeling that the band really enjoyed to be on stage in front of their fans. And the fans celebrated the show together with TRIVIUM!


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All pictures by Silvio Pfeifer Fotografie

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