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dornenreich freiheit
Artist: Dornenreich
Title: Freiheit
Genre: Avantgarde
Release Date: 2nd May 2014
Label: Prophecy Productions

Review Flash

With ‘Freiheit’, DORNENREICH released their eighth studio album, which is also announced to be their last one for quite a while. Fittingly, eight tracks are included, which contain a suspenseful mixture of (acoustic guitar), violin and Eviga’s charismatic vocals. Emotionally, calmer as well as more energetic sounds are included, which also form a conclusive connection to DORNENREICH’s previous works and different facets of their style. However, ‘Freiheit’ surely needs time to develop and grown on the listener.

Conclusion: Unmistakably DORNENREICH!

Rating: 7.5 / 10

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