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mirror thedaybastardleadersdie
Artist: Mirror
Title: The Day Bastard Leaders Die
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 22nd April 2022
Label: Cruz Del Sur

Review Flash

Just a while ago I reviewed MIRROR’s last record ‘Pyramid Of Terror’, given that I was a year late on that it was around 2020 (one of the shittier year as we all know). MIRROR nevertheless managed to put a smile on my face with their hard hitting, traditional Heavy Metal. Now in 2022 (another pretty fucked up year so far) I get to enjoy the successor ‘The Day Bastard Leaders Die’ and MIRROR still got what it takes to make me smile. The international band of five play some kinda hybrid of NWOBHM influenced old-school metal and highly melodic heavy Rock with a tinge of hysterical 70s rock. Tracks like ‘Souls Of Megiddo’ are theatrical as fuck, so much so that it borders on peak cheesiness but the good kinda cheese if you know what I mean. If you ask me what bands have the most influence on the overall style of what MIRROR are doing here I would say SATAN, JUDAS PRIEST and maybe old-school pre 2000s IRON MAIDEN. Especially the vocals are the most melodic and the most dramatic element to MIRROR's style and musical narrative. What really sells this is the top-notch quality of the production and the skill of every musician involved in this. From the vocals to the drums there is no one that is replaceable, everyone works their ass of and is a part of an epic sounding heavy metal machine.

Conclusion: If you are into bands that have an old-school sound but know their way around kicking your ass in a way that is kinda new at the same time, you should check out MIRROR right about fucking now!

Rating: 8 / 10

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