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corvuscorax gimlie
Artist: Corvus Corax
Title: Gimlie
Genre: Neo-Medieval Folk
Release Date: 15th November 2013
Label: Behßmokum Records (Edel)

Album Review

CORVUS CORAX exist already for 24 years and although there were many changes within the band, they stayed loyal to the music they perform Medieval Music. On 15th November 2013, their new album is released, an album where the Old English Legend of Beowulf has a big place. ‘Gimlie’ starts with ‘Die Seherin ( intro)’, a mysterious beginning, almost a calling out to their fans. It immediately makes sure you are listening to CORVUS CORAX. The high pitch voice of the female singer (which reminds you somewhat of Cantus Buranus) is followed by the bagpipes. The intro goes straight into the next song, the album’s title track ‘Gimlie’. The deep voice of Castus to start with, is followed by the rest of the band. Great drum beat and horns arise the feeling to be called to battle. ‘Unicornis’, whose text has been written by Julius Ceasar, is song in Latin with beautiful harmonic voices. Although it is an almost divine song, it got a lovely upbeat. The combination of the bagpipes with the flute works perfect.

‘Der Schrei’ is a Gaelic song. Before I realised I was already moving along with the song having a very catchy chorus, and even if I don't understand what they sing and the song is called ‘Der Schrei’ (the cry), I feel it as friendly, charming. ‘Koeniginnen werden ihr neiden’ is yet another Gaelic song, and if you close your eyes you can see yourself situated in an Irish pub, drinking a Guinness. It is fantastically upbeat, a marching song. The a-capella part is lovely and sung beautifully, soon to be followed by the band joining in. The follows Gaelic ‘Derdriu’, a song that drags you into the Gaelic world; it is fast, wild and fun. Ready your drink again, we are off to party and dancing. The continuous rhythm of the bagpipes fits it perfect, you cannot keep your feet still, you have to follow them, almost like the Piper Of Hameln. The first ever made video clip of CORVUS CORAX ( made with the help and pledges of the fans) was made of this song and it was a great choice and a wonderful thank you to their loyal fans.

The mystical being out of Beowulf, an Anglo Saxon poem, is the centre of the next song called ‘Grendel’. The song is kind of mysterious, beginning with what could be the sound of Grendel. It is sung in a creepy dark way. The bagpipes are accompanying this with a light touch. There is a heavy deep drumming in the background and I just love the deep bass voice. On we go with the Beowulf saga with ‘Beowulf is min nama’. Beowulf is the main character of this Old English poem. The song is sung in Old English. If you close your eyes you can see yourself in a dark wood, surrounded by dark mysterious animals. The song does remind me of some of the older songs of CORVUS CORAX, but then with an own twist in it, or must I say the drumming in the back ground sounds very familiar. For me one of the lesser ones on the CD. ‘Sigeléasne sang’ is another song from the Beowulf saga. Dark, dramatic, the song is more told then song to me it gives that way an even more dramatic feel to it.

A stunning flute intro, that made my hair stand up, very Irish, you can almost see the little girls in their skirts dancing, leads into the next song, ‘Crenaid Brain’. It continues the same way, with fantastic Irish sounds with the fiddle and the sound of the Bodhran. Gaelic to the bones. The bagpipes, the small drums and sung in Gaelic makes it perfect. Definitely one of my favourites. The fiddle is played by Robert Beckman of THE INCHTABOKTABLES. ‘Twilight of the Thundergod’ is a cover song of AMON AMARTH. For the first time in their history, CORVUS CORAX made a cover, and I must admit I am not sure about this, for me this feels not right, sounds too much like HAMMERFALL. It is just not working for me, it also feels to break the album down, maybe they just should have left it out, I would have not missed it at all if they had. Icelandic song ‘Krummavisur’ is soft, the harp is touching. A very high voiced singer, good rhythm, kind of opera like and therefor much resemblance to the Cantus Buranus again.

As bonus you get ‘Twilight of the Thunder God (Hymnus)’. And how perfect this is, for me so much better the cover on the album itself. Majestic and full. This really gave my goose bumps all over. The pipes, the drums, the deep humming in the background, the horns coming all together in one perfect harmony. You don't need to hear the lyrics. I can see this as their closing number in the concerts, to say goodbye to your audience in such way, to present in one number how good you are in your music, how well you control your instruments, how great would that be. As usual, CORVUS CORAX made another great album, they do what they are good in, create an atmosphere of times long her, but add a bit of modern touch to it and they do that in perfection. My compliments to them, after 24 years they still go strong.


01. Die Seherin (Intro)
02. Gimlie
03. Unicornis
04. Der Schrei
05. Koniginnen Werden Ihr Neiden
06. Derdriu
07. Grendel
08. Beowulf Is Min Nama
09. Sigeleasne Sang
10. Intro Crenaid Brain
11. Crenaid Brain
12. Twilight Of The Thunder Gods
13. Krummavisur
Bonus Track:
14. Twilight Of The Thunder Gods (Hymnus)


Castus Rabensang ("Castus Ravensong")
Norri (formerly known as Harmann der Drescher)
Wim (Venustus).

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corvuscorax gimlie


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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