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Theaterzelt “Das Schloß“, Munich, Germany
12th January 2010
Corvus Corax & Johannes Steck: “Die Zwerge”

Last Friday I came along to snow-covered Munich, on the way to the Theaterzelt "Das Schloß" to see a quite special event... presenting a reading of “Dies Zwerge” musically underlined by CORVUS CORAX

The Speaker: Johannes Steck

Johannes Steck is also called "magician of the voices". He made an education as theatre decorator and studied in Vienna at the theatrical school. Beside some television roles, he began as audio-book speaker in 2004. He persuaded with his vocal variety and word power already in works of authors like Wolfgang Hohlbein, Francois Lelord and Simon Beckett. For 100,000 sold copies of Beckett's ‘The chemistry of the death’ he received a golden record in 2009. In 2006, he began with reading in the audio-book version of ‘Die Zwerge’, a fantasy-epic of Michael Heitz. With the time he had the idea of a new dimension of the reading, namely of a connection reading, music-concert and multimedia-show…

The Band: Corvus Corax

The 1989 founded "Kings of the Minstrels", CORVUS CORAX, count to the forerunners within the Medieval bands for many years. In the meantime, they were grown to the Kaltenberger Ritterturnier as a "houseband" and draw the attention quite often with special projects, as for example last year with the 2nd part of ‘Cantus Buranus’. Johannes Steck invited them to be part of ‘Die Zwerge’ reading. After a conversation with the author Michael Heitz, who btw often listened to CORVUS CORAX during the writing, Johannes Steck was convinced that ‘Die Zwerge’ could not go without CORVUS CORAX on the (stage-) trip.

The Reading

For approx. two weeks, the Theaterzelt "Das Schloß" in Munich became the native country of ‘Die Zwerge (The dwarfs) together with Johannes Steck and CORVUS CORAX. The tent-like construction was nearly sold out on Friday. Beside the stage on which the ancient instruments of CORVUS CORAX were built up and the pieces of furniture designed by Nele Spari, a map of the "Geborgene Land" painted by Natalie Schaffler was hung up. Shortly after 8:00pm, Johannes Steck appeared who gave a small introduction to the world of the dwarfs with the help of the map. Castus Rabensang, Wim, Teufel, Pan Peter, Harmann der Drescher, Hatz and Martin Ukrasvan of CORVUS CORAX took their seats on stage in the meantime.

Johannes Steck knew to show excellently the different characters with his vocal variety and gesture, no matter whether it concerned the lisping magician or an erotic dwarf-woman. Besides, he did not forget to include the audience and the band into his story. CORVUS CORAX supported him with the suitable background noises and with their music they provided a rousing change after the single chapters. And thus it became an exciting evening with the adventures of the dwarf Tungdil, with Orks, Albae, Magicians and many more. In the end, there was even a happy-end and Tungdil became the biggest hero of all dwarfs. At about 10:50pm, the audience happily and contently left the location after people had donated blustering applause to the artists.

All pictures by Erika Knepper (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

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