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introFZW, Dortmund, Germany
15th February 2015
Deine Lakaien & God’s Bow

At the second part of the ‘Crystal Palace Tour’, DEINE LAKAIEN paid the FZW and thus the people of the Ruhr area another visit. The show was not sold out but a lot fans came to see their favourite band.

God’s Bow

In April 1997, the Electro / Darkwave band GOD'S BOW from Szczecin/ Poland was founded from the band PCM, which played these times quite hard Electro/ Industrial music. They had their first appearance already in the same year at the Castle Party in Bolkow. Since then, they gave many concerts, among others with bands like CLAN OF XYMOX, INKUBUS SUKKUBUS or also PSYCHE. Since the restart, Ethno-and Ambient elements influenced the style of the band since that time. The duo consists of Agnieszka Kornet (vocals) and KeyP ( keyboard, programming). Up to now the band has released four albums. /


Music & Performance
Usually the supporting acts of DEINE LAKAIEN are superb. Actually this band was not really bad but somehow the sound was more of mediocrity and for a live performance the medium tempo stagnated throughout the whole show. And as the rhythm didn't alter much you could easily get in a meditative state. The singer looked like a kind of elf coming out of the woods, seeming a bit forlorn on the stage. Though Agnieszka surely has a nice voice, she could not really captivate the complete audience. This was split in half: one part listening or paying at least so much attention that it knew when to applaud, the other half just chatting busily. Well, somehow the title of the current album 'Tranquilizer' fitted perfectly to what I experienced on this evening. Nomen est Omen.

Music: 7
Performance: 6
Sound: 9
Light: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10


Deine Lakaien

In 1984 Ernst Horn, who studied directing, piano and drums, worked as musical director, as well as piano player and composer for the theatre, met the singer Alexander Veljanov who actually studied theatre and film studies. Alexander gave up his studies in order to dedicate himself to DEINE LAKAIEN. They published their first album under the name DEINE LAKAIEN in 1986. Besides serious and classical music, DEINE LAKAIEN are also influenced by such artists as KRAFTWERK, JOY DIVISION or ULTRAVOX. Since 30 years now this duo successfully produces music of high quality from the genre Dark Wave/ Pop/ Electronic/ Avant-garde. Including their in 2014 released album ‘Crystal Palace’, they launched ten albums and seven live albums. During their show, Ernst Horn and Alexander Veljanov were supported by two great musicians on stage. /


Music & Performance
On this tour the duo was supported by Slobodan Kajkut on drums and Goran Trajkoski who played guitar, synthesizer and attended upon the sampler. The workplace of Ernst looked almost like JEAN MICHEL JARRE’s work station with all the keyboards and synthesizer. When the guys entered finally the stage after the rebuilding time they got a great applause. Though the concert started with several of their great hits the audience was surprisingly reserved so that Alexander asked the people after ‘Fighting the green’ if they are still there. Well, at least at the next song you could see some more people dancing but when Alexander asked the audience to sing the refrain of ‘Over and done’ somehow the people didn’t seem to dare to sing loudly. This was really disappointing. Anyway Alexander convinced once again with his baritone voice. With ‘Nevermore’ the first song of the actual album was performed. The people listened attentively but still at ‘Gone’ there was not much action to see in the audience so that Alexander once more tried to invite the people to dance at ‘Europe’ a song with lyrics in French and English and some experimental effects in the melody.


Then Alexander announced that the devoutly placidity is over now as actually DEINE LAKAIEN is a Rock band – a remark that educed a laughter from the audience. He further told us that yesterday at this passage of the show he fell from the stage and is now frightened again. But then he assured us not to worry as this won’t happen again. And indeed the audience partied to the next songs. ‘Overpaid’ was performed in a special live version where Ernst lived it up by turning several knobs on his synthesizer and producing some odd noises and proved that this is still an Avant-garde band that does not only produce spick and span melodies and thus is a challenge to the usual listening habits. After ‘Farewell’ the show ended but the guys returned once more on stage for an encore starting with the title track of their new album, a song with a quite complicated musical and rhythm structure – changing from slow to fast, from spinet sound to organ in the style of THE DOORS. Surely an interesting song but I had the impression that a great part of the audience was overstrained with this piece of music.


In summary, it can be stated that the show was of high quality like you are used of DEINE LAKAIEN concerts but unfortunately the audience was not really in the mood to interact much with the band.

01. Colour-Ize
02. Reincarnation
03. Into my arms
04. Fighting the green
05. Over and done
06. Where you are
07. Nevermore
08. Gone
09. Europe
10. Return
11. Where the winds don't blow
12. Overpaid
13. The ride
14. Farewell
15. Crystal Palace
16. Forever and a day
17. Love me to the end

Music: 10
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 10
Total: 9 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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