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auger insurgence single
Artist: Auger
Title: Insurgence
Genre: Electro / Darkwave / Industrial
Release Date: 13th March 2020
Label: Dark Tunes Music Group

Single Review

AUGER are Kyle Wilson (23 - vocals, programming and live keyboards) and Kieran Thornton (23 - guitars and backing vocals). They burst onto an unsuspecting scene in mid-2017, and have two albums behind them, a third on the way later in the year. They’ve perfected their stage craft with a series of high profile support slots around the UK with the likes of CRUXSHADOWS, GOTHMINISTER, OST + FRONT, INKUBUS SUKKUBUS, DAVEY SUICIDE, SOLAR FAKE, MASSIVE EGO, SULPHER, UNZUCHT, YOUNG GODS, and COMBICHRIST culminating in being chosen as UK tour support for LORD OF THE LOST.

Festival appearances include Belgium (Wave Festival), The Netherlands (with both MESH & SHE PAST AWAY), Finland (Lumous Festival), Estonia (Darkland Fire Festival), Malta (Dark Malta Festival with LORD OF THE LOST), Austria (Schattenwelt Festival), and many shows in Germany including tour supports with STONEMAN & CLAN OF XYMOX, and various club nights including Synthetic Orange (Karlsruhe), Dark Skies (Witten) and The Bismarcker Rocktage Open Air Festival (Gelsenkirchen).

AUGER describe their unique sound as “dynamic darkwave”, being a hyper melodic amalgam of Dark Rock, Industrial, Goth, Electro and Metal. The band enjoys a very close relationship with their fans who are known as AUGER “Miners”. Interestingly Kyle co-produced and engineered the ‘Church Of The Malfunctioned’ album for MASSIVE EGO (Out Of Line Records).

I was looking forward to this single arriving with me, AUGER are one of the bands that have caught my attention, for all the right reasons, over recent times. This single follows the Auger tradition of super clean sounding production - the overall sound is as much due to the rather impressive production as their talents as musicians. Clean, crisp, razor sharp with amazing clarity, but with added warmth from the vocals, guitar and even the synth line. The sound presentation of the drums is nothing short of outstanding. It’s typically catchy, their melodic tendencies outshine.

The song writing and melody are full on AUGER, and if anything shows a band not only progressing in their skills, but accelerating beyond many bands that have decades of experience behind them. Programming and synth work are sublime, guitar is chunky and full of energy, vocals are Christopher Lee impressive. This single really is that good, I love it. I always hesitate referring to other bands when reviewing, but most of the time it’s inevitable - I do feel comfortable saying that I do miss the sounds of many of the 1990 bands such as STAR INDUSTRY. Auger provide an up to date version of the 90’s Goth sound - for that I tip my hat - well done sirs! Now hurry up and send me the new album due in May!


Kyle Wilson – Vocals, programming and live keyboards
Kieran Thornton – Guitars and backing vocals

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auger insurgence single


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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