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auger beforeitbegan
Artist: Auger
Title: Before it began
Release Date: 1st September 2023
Genre: Dark Rock / Dark Indie / Dark Pop / New Dark Music 
Label: The Big Chair

Single Review

Industrial Electro band AUGER have just released a spanking new single ‘Before it began’. The band, fronted by Kyle Blaqk, hails from the North-West of England. I first heard AUGER when they were on tour with NOVUS a couple of years and was blown away by them, so was beaming when this little number dropped into my inbox. The band is signed to The Big Chair label. Kyle’s silky baritone and expert mixing skills, combined with Kieran Thornton’s powerful guitar riffs, have earned them many fans and top five places for all four of their albums. They have amassed many hit singles including ‘My heart is glass’, ‘Oxygen’ and ‘Holding on’ featuring LORD OF THE LOST front man Chris Harmes.

AUGER’s popularity has been soaring quicker than global temperatures, making the band hot property, playing at festivals throughout Europe and the UK. The band have already started work on their next album - which is scheduled for release next summer. ‘Before it began’ opens with heavy thrumming guitar and drum combo. It’s a lively track that hits the ground running. Kyle delivers a spirited performance accompanied by Kieran’s distinct Heavy Metal influence throughout. It’s lively, the chorus is memorable and punchy. There is no fade, it ends abruptly, however echoes of the chorus are still in my ears five minutes later. It’s a yes from me!

If you like a cross-genre Industrial / Goth mashup give it a whirl. ‘Before it began’ is available to download on Bandcamp and Spotify.


Kyle Blaqk - Vocals and guitar
Kieran Thornton - Guitar
Marcus Carter - live drums


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auger beforeitbegan


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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