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auger darkclouds
Artist: Auger
Title: Dark Clouds
Genre: Electronic Rock
Release Date: 28th May 2021
Label: DarkTunes Music Group

Flash Review

AUGER is a British Electronic Darkwave band formed in 2017 by singer and producer Kyle J Wilson and guitarist Kieran Thornton. They have a brilliant knack of putting together dark melodic, catchy tunes with great song writing. During lockdown it would seem AUGER have given a bit of thought to the demands life can put onto you. We’ve all been there when perhaps despair seems to be the over-riding emotion. Of course, and it’s easy to say, the answer is to be optimistic and dance in the rain. This release sees AUGER pull onto some post punk influences to put together a melodic ballad that as usual is produced and packaged into a sound that is instantly appealing on the first listen. The song writing is exemplary, it paints a picture in words. It’s not surprising they have become so popular in the four years since they burst onto the scene. At a time when Covid has put such dire pressures onto us all this single arrives at the station of sanguinity, perhaps even giving us a sense of direction. When all seems lost and the rain falls from the dark clouds, take my hand and don’t let go.

Conclusion: I’m a big fan of AUGER, and this single doesn’t disappoint - highly recommended.

Rating: 9 / 10

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