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Artist: Devin Townsend Project
Title: Ghost
Genre: Progressive Rock / Ambient / New Age
Release Date: 17th June 2011
Label: InsideOut Records

Album Review

When DEVIN TOWNSEND was discovered by music industry he soon became disenchanted by it and started out an extreme metal band STRAPPING YOUNG LAD to vent his frustrations, alongside it he also engaged in his solo project around which he gathered THE DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND. In 2007 he let go of both bands for a two year hiatus after which he resumed with his solo project, which is conceptualised as series of four albums. In 2009 he released ‘Ki’ and ‘Addicted’ subsequently to which he toured in Australia and USA and this year he released ‘Deconstruction’ and finally ‘Ghost’. This culmination is indeed the album that is at the centre of this review.

The series are there to capture a whole spectrum of emotions; some are heavy and psychologically probing, all mapping an emotive experience. This album is the expression of mellow and soft side of his psyche. It feels a bit like a shower after a workout, holiday after a heavy sludge of work and stress. It’s somewhere between New Age Ambient and Progressive Rock, the latter trend rejuvenated the former and somewhat surprising that New Age music doesn’t have to sound like a bunch of hippies comfortably stoned from the harsh realities (though most of them in their middle class existence might not even know what ‘harsh’ truly is). Of course this music can offer an escape and a relaxation and hence some of its appeal that TOWNSEND incorporates here. The album doesn’t offer many distractions; the songs seem to blend one into another and in that way ‘Monsoon’ breaks the sameness of the tracks that had gone before it. Beautifully atmospheric, even cinematic, melancholy in that nostalgic way some places can induce.

‘Infinite Ocean’ in many ways fits the element, emulates the somewhat indifferent but majestic endless movement of waves. ‘As You Were’ had few more facets to it, some interesting points, but unfortunately exactly these things lack from so many songs on here. Some might like it for its relaxing feel, but unfortunately it’s far too monotonous which introduces also a feeling of ennui, which is not something that I enjoy. It may prove TOWNSEND’S versatility as it’s so opposite to the metal sub genres that he’s played - death, thrash, black metal etc. and can be a point of interest to hear it from that perspective for some curious music lovers out there. Unfortunately the album itself is not diverse enough in itself to impress me, I found it disappointing.


01. Fly – 4.15
02. Heart Baby – 5.55
03. Feather – 11.30
04. Kawaii – 2.52
05. Ghost – 6.24
06. Blackberry – 4.52
07. Monsoon – 4.36
08. Dark Matters – 1.56
09. Texada – 9.30
10. Seams – 4.04
11. Infinite Ocean – 8.01
12. As You Were – 8.46


Devin Townsend – guitars, bass, vocals, banjo etc
Dave Young – keyboards, mandolin
Mike St. Jean – drums
Kat Epple – flute, EWI, bawu
Katrina – vocals

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Music: 5
Sound: 8
Total: 6.5 / 10

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