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johnpetrucci terminalvelocity
Artist: John Petrucci
Title: Terminal Velocity
Genre: Instrumental / Prog
Release Date: 30th October 2020
Label: Sound Mind

Album Review

My next object of introspect needs to introduction: JOHN PETRUCCI is the guitarist and one of the founding members of DREAM THEATER. ‘Terminal Velocity’ is Petruccis’s second LP and if like it instrumental you will root for this output. Normally I mainly hang on the vocals to get into the music and once I am in I try to explain what I hear and what it makes me feel, to explain music without vocals is kinda strange because I normally rate bands with good vocals higher than those without. But of course we will manage to do this anyway.

Let’s start with citing the press text and see if it rings true to my ears: “The nine songs on ‘Terminal Velocity’ showcase John’s affinity for writing tightly-weaved guitar instrumental powerhouses that feature everything from monster riff breaks to passion-filled melodic themes worthy of film soundtracks, to all-out shred extravaganzas that leave the listener feeling like they just stepped off of a thrilling musical roller coaster ride”.

I don’t know about you guys but I hate roller-coasters. To disagree on the rest would mean I’d have to be deaf, of course this is brilliantly played and thought-out. Killer riffs left and right and high melodic overkill paired with a celerity that is bound to break a neck. ‘The Way Things Fall’ starts as a 80s coming off age movie soundtrack with young shooting stars as leads but quickly nebulizes into Malmsteen worship and endless riff cascades. To be honest I don’t think it makes sense to review the songs as single parts, the fast riffs and guitar-solo wankery quite often only seem to serve showing off the undoubted skills of Petrucci and there just is not enough melodic context to speak of songs, it is rather parts of a bigger entity.

Don’t get me wrong, this is really progressive and the skill level of everyone involved is mind boggling but this is all brains and skill and I always need a bit of heart to be triggered the right way.


01. Terminal Velocity
02. The Oddfather
03. Happy Song
04. Gemini
05. Out of the Blue
06. Glassy-Eyed Zombies
07.The Way Things Fall
08. Snake in my Boot
09. Temple of Circadia


John Petrucci – Guitar
Fave LaRue – Bass
Mike Portnoy – Drums

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johnpetrucci terminalvelocity


Music: 7
Sound: 10
Total: 8.5 / 10

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