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DSC 4559Rockhal, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
15th May 2022
Dream Theater - “Top of the World” Tour - Support: Devin Townsend

On Sunday, there was a concert coming up that numerous metal fans had been looking forward to for quite some time: After their show in 2016 Prog-icons DREAM THEATER returned to Luxembourg as part of their “Top of the World” tour, and they didn’t come alone. They invited DEVIN TOWNSEND to bring the Rockhal to move with them on this warm spring day.

Devin Townsend

Over the course of the last 25 years, accomplished heavy music artist DEVIN TOWNSEND has remained consistent. Constantly making unique inroads with many different styles of music. Although Heavy Metal and Progressive Rock has always been his primary focus, each year that passes recently has resulted in new peripheral works that have seen him branch off to everything from country, new age, ambient noise, or even orchestral musical theatre.

DSC 3991

Music & Performance
DEVIN TOWNSEND started his set very punctually and was already greeted by a big audience that was ready to let off some steam on a Sunday evening. He seemed to be very fond of someone’s perfume and pointed it out several times. Then the band started off with the very dramatic and epic song called ‘Failure’. After that, he instantly started the song ‘Kingdom’ which also resonated very well with the audience. In general, Devin engaged actively with the Rockhal during the show. The crowd even interacted with his commands like waving hands during the third song ‘By your Command’.

DSC 4168

In the end, Devin called for further action, since it was Jil’s birthday the next day, which was actually a day off for the bands. The audience didn’t need to be asked twice and “Happy Birthday” was echoing through the Rockhal. Devin left with a big smile on his face and handed the stage over to the main act of the evening: DREAM THEATER.

01. Failure
02. Kingdom
03. By Your Command
04. Aftermath
05. Regulator
06. Deadhead
07. Deep Peace
08. March of the Poozers
09. More!

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Light: 7
Sound: 7
Total: 7.3 / 10

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Dream Theater

DREAM THEATER: Progressive Metal pioneers DREAM THEATER - James LaBrie (Vocals), John Petrucci (Guitars), Jordan Rudess (Keyboards), John Myung (Bass), and Mike Mangini (Drums) - share a unique bond with one of the most passionate fan bases around the globe as evidenced by their two GRAMMY® Award nominations and 15 million records sold worldwide. On their 15th full-length and second studio release for InsideOut Music / Sony Music, ‘A View From The Top Of The World’ the band continues to challenge themselves and push their musical envelope - something they have done for over 30-years performing together.

DSC 4544

Music & Performance
Much to the delight of the fans, the lights went out at 9 pm and DREAM THEATER took the stage after a short intro and video, instead of 9:15 pm as planned. The band opened with the first single ‘The Alien’ from the new and current album, which sounded live just as good as on the record. It was followed by the song ‘6:00’, which transported the audience right back into the band’s early career in 1994. This song, which is a classic DREAM THEATER song with its catchy melodies, was probably the shortest song on the setlist that night. ‘Awaken the Master’ such as ‘Endless Sacrifice’ came next and the latter is known to have some darker tunes. Several times that night, guitarist John Petrucci didn't miss the chance to be the center of attention next to the singer James LaBrie and to present his know-how to the crowd.

DSC 4298

Sometimes you’d think that Petrucci had more than five fingers on his hand, such breathtaking solos he plowed along effortlessly. Petrucci is evidently one of the most talented guitarists in the world. Keyboarder Jordan Rudess was also showing off his skills, while he was casually turning and tilting his keyboard that was resting on a hydraulic construction. But also, the other band members proved that each of them is a virtuoso of the first hour and no one can hold a candle to any of them. Be it the skill of their voice / instruments or the structure of the songs, DREAM THEATER are pioneers in their genre. Mike Mangini on drums showed that he is just as good and technical as predecessor Mike Portnoy and bassist John Myung underlined the whole thing with his skills on the bass.

DSC 4364

Their know-how is also shown by the songs ‘Bridges in the Sky’, ‘Invisible Monster’ and the ballade ‘The Ministry of Souls’, in which Petrucci once again took the audience’s breath away while he was effortlessly resting his foot on the wedged metal construction. The fans know that DREAM THEATER loves to write long songs. So it came that the last two songs ‘A View from the Top of the World’ and ‘The Count of Tuscany’ easily cracked the 40-minute mark before they sent the audience home.

01. The Alien
02. 6:00
03. Awaken the Master
04. Endless Sacrifice
05. Bridges in the Sky
06. Invisible Monster
07. About to Crash
08. The Ministry of Lost Souls
09. A View From the Top of the World
10. The Count of Tuscany

Music: 10
Performance: 9
Light: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 9.3 / 10

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All Pictures by Elena Arens

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