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melotron fueralle
Artist: Melotron
Title: Für Alle
Genre: Synth Pop
Release Date: 29th June 2018
Label: Out Of Line Music

Album Review

Now after four years, with ’Für Alle’ comes the long awaited full length studio album of MELOTRON. With ‘Willkommen’, the album is starting in the well-known and typical MELOTRON style. Track number two is ‘Alles auf Anfang’ which is also a very melodic song. ‘Menschen’ is familiar social critical like we all love and like MELOTRON for. Track number four is ‘Junkie’ and that’s the first English speaking track on the album. So far one of my favourites which shows they can English too! Number five is ‘Wo ist dein Problem’ and starts a bit rougher which is totally good because edges and corners are always good to have in Synth Pop especially when it is social critical. Next track on the album is ‘Hätte, wenn und aber’ and it is starting with some unusual samples and sounds that I definitively would have not expected from MELOTRON but that is a good surprise. If it’s always the same it gets boring.

Song number seven is ‘Der 2. Planet’ and this is a fully instrumental track, very spherical. Time to lean back and relax! Following ‘Sleep well’ is another English speaking track and it is bringing us back to dance and party. I must admit that English suits MELOTRON and Andy’s voice very well. Track number nine, ‘Eigentlich’, is starting with piano and it turns out someone else is singing it and it is a party song! Next track is ‘Und dafür’ and that track is starting really surprising and is more EBM like but this is not bad it is brilliant! Last track is ‘Dein Glück’ and is bringing us a bit down with that ominous sounds and is the perfect ending of a great MELOTRON album.


01. Willkommen
02. Alles auf Anfang
03. Menschen
04. Junkie
05. Wo ist dein Problem
06. Hätte, wenn und aber
07. Der 2. Planet
08. Sleep Well
09. Eigentlich
10. Und dafür
11. Dein Glück


Andy Krüger
Edgar Slatnow
Kay Hildebrandt


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melotron fueralle


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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