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paparoach theconnection
Artist: Papa Roach
Title: The Connection
Genre: Alternative Metal
Release Date: 28th September 2012
Label: Eleven Seven Music / EMI

Album Review

Even if any band could envy that PAPA ROACH releases their albums that regularly, sometimes it is better to maybe take a break and breathe out. From the nineties the band became quite popular and since then they have never left their own limits. Unfortunately now the time came as this music became too old. Instead of the scull on the cover of ‘The Connection’ there should be a big question mark: “Really? Somebody still playing something like this?” The question “if somebody would listen to this” is easier to answer. Of course, for the die hard fans, the album should be a nice present, as well as for the people who has nostalgia for the 90s. Of course having a track at the ‘Avengers Assemble: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture’ would bring even more attention of the mass public. The problem is to make a listener to keep listening to the album. All in all it isn’t really bad, but also not a good album. The good quality of sound should be no surprise for the band like PAPA ROACH.

But the arrangements are quite boring, and there is hardly possible to hear anything except for the vocals and the drums. Both are not bad, but it is still not enough. Such typical alternative-rock/metal vocals were overshadowed by much more charismatic and talented vocalists as Chester Bennington or Jared Leto long ago. More over those musicians have already brought with their bands so much new fresh ideas, what made such an album as ‘The Connection’ hopelessly old style. According to PAPA ROACH, “this record just encompasses everything they’ve done from the beginning to where they are currently as a band”. So again, hopelessly old style. As for lyrics, PAPA ROACH tells about love and everyday human relationship, which could be close to anyone, but there is nothing what would turn your world upside down. Honestly, if you’re looking for a fresh interesting record you should better skip ‘The Connection’.


01. Engage
02. Still Swingin (featuring Downlink)
03. Where Did the Angels Go?" (featuring Tylias)
04. Silence is the Enemy
05. Before I Die
06. Wish You Never Met Me
07. Give Me Back My Life
08. Breathe You In
09. Leader of the Broken Hearts
10. Not That Beautiful (featuring Shahnaz)
11. Walking Dead
12. Won't Let Up
13. As Far as I Remember


Jacoby Shaddix - lead vocals
Jerry Horton - lead guitar, backing vocals
Tobin Esperance - bass guitar, rhythm guitar, programming, backing vocals
Tony Palermo - drums, percussion

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paparoach theconnection


Music: 5
Sound: 7
Total: 6 / 10

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